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Jungle carbine

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by AR-tim, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. AR-tim

    AR-tim G&G Newbie

    I heard something about a company making "new" Enfield rifles in .308. I am looking for a number 5 Enfield (I think, it has the conical flash-hider). A friend of mine bought an old one in fair condidtion for $160 at a gun show. The more I play with it/shoot it, the more I like it. It is accurate enough, and over-all, just a neat little bolt action gun. What would be a good price for a used jungle carbine in .308?
  2. Tony @ WCG

    Tony @ WCG G&G Newbie

    No.5 Mk.1 "Jungle Carbines" were made in 303 British only. These will run from $150 to $500 depending on condition.

    For a 308 Lee-Enfield, you could go with an Indian Ishapore 2A1 which is an updated No.1Mk.III in 7.62 NATO. These usually have excellent bores and there are some cut downs into "Jungle Carbine" types but these are not original military.

    Either type is a fine handling weapon and fine for hunting deer in the east/woods.

  3. Lanny

    Lanny G&G Newbie

    It's not a "jungle carbine" but I have a Century Intl. Arms .303 Enfield with a 16-1/2" barrel and a full stock. What a stubby little gun; loud and kicks. Was handloading for a while, but got distracted with my other firearms. Hope to get back to this oldie but goodie, soon.