Jungle Fatigues

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    Over the years I mostly wore Bluejeans when working outside or warm weather hunting. This year seemed extra hot.
    I thought back to one of the hottest, steamiest places I ever was and turned out to be Vietnam. Thought about the fatigues I was issued and survived the heat well.
    Good old ripstop cotton jungle fatigues, liked the fit and look.
    Guess I would be labeled a kook if I was to show up anywhere in that garb.
    Went to Bass Pro and found some ripstop in convertible to shorts and seems to be a good cut to fit me, I did manage to find OD with cargo pockets, LOL.
    I also found some gray ones with a secret pocket that holds the Kel Tec PF9 very good.
    They are a lot cooler than denim and I can go places and still be presentable.
    I also found sites that sell the vintage fatigues and it is surely tempting!
    They are the solid OD, not the Tiger striped at least.
    And the Boonie hat tops them off real well....LOL.
    Now Im cooler again instead of cooking in this miserable heat.

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    We wore the OD ripstops. I still have a top, but it seems to have shrunk, LOL !!

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    Must have been a bad batch...mine did too!!
  4. Is that your pic ALR? Same unit my brother was in when he was in the army.
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    LOL, not my pic, lifted off of uniform sight for example.
    My tag said US AIR FORCE.
  6. The only thing their good for is dropping you off in the jungle and forgetting to pick you up.
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    I really missed the OD greens when the AF did away with them. Real bad for aircraft mechanics walikg around with abundant BDU pockets to stuff all kinds of tools and FOD crap out. I'm in amongst this bunch at Chanute AFB circa 1984.

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    Air Force?
  9. ALR

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    Id guess your the third from left, back row, sent for reeducation.
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    We did have a lot of cross trainees in the class, I was one of the lowely slick sleeves.
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    man that tall guy in the picture is a mirror image of my son brian he's 22 years old right now i'm gonna get a pic of him up when i can .
  12. My Dad was in the Korean conflick (Air Force) He had or kept a few pr. of OD green fatigue pants. He wore them to do yard work and hunt in. I would wear them if I had some.

    I did buy some new Tiger stripe army top and bottoms one time to deer hunt in.
    My son made so much fun of me, I returned them and got my money back. LOL They would had made great camo in this part of the south.
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  13. I gladly wear the camo'd ripstop BDU's. Even in public. lol

    Luckily, near where I live, there's a store called the Military Supply Company and they sell it all.
  14. I'll take od bdu's over coverall's any day, even with the fod in my pockets I've never lost a tool on the bird. As a airframer and a shooter I need to keep a certain amount of small quick fix parts to keep birds going or we would never get off the ground.
  15. We got left all the time when I was with my last command.