Jury Duty

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How do you perceive Jury Duty

  1. It is everyone\'s Civic Duty and they should do it regardless of loss of wages.

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  2. They should do it but the government should reimburse you for your time based on your hourly rate.

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  3. You should do it only if you can really afford it.

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  4. Who cares - do what you want.

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    What are your thoughts as to responsibility?
  2. Big Dog

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    I took it as a civic duty, both for County Court, and Federal Court. I was selected the first time, but the case was dropped after we wasted two days. The Federal Court didn't select me, but I still expended four hours of my time, and had to buy a jacket and tie (not Wally-mart cheapo's, either!). Fortunately, we got paid for our time, and the State has a leave category for it, so I got paid for my time.

  3. Excuse me-------- If it is my civil duty to serve on a jury then it is the government's duty to uphold our constitutional rights, you know--- our right to own-- please forgive me-- for my lack of of politically correct words.--fire arms. Oh I see by the polls I'm in the minority. Well it wouldn't be the first time.
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  4. Klaus

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    I always go to jury duty and I am always quickly weeded out. Lawyers and I do not get along well.

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  6. E-9

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    I believe it is our duty to help applicate Justice and I don't mean
    Law. I believe every person accused of a crime has the right to
    be judged by people like them and I don't mean a judge passing
    sentence. Federal Court where Alan C is pays $40.00 a day and milage and you go to jail if your called and do not appear., Also in his State you can not be charged with a Feleny until you situatio
    is presented to Grand Jury and your problem is heard by your pears.... that means now Law people of Judges, just my 2cents

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  7. Mr (T)

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    I wish that everyone could serve irregardless of monetary compensation, but I served with a lot of self-employed folks who were also the primary breadwinners of their respective families, and they couldn't last long in jury service...they deserve that compensation.
  8. BenP

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    I've never been conscripted. I doubt if I'd ever be selected from the pool if I was. The Lawyers on both sides would probably find me unsuitable as a juror. I'd also refuse to take an oath (Matthew 5:34-36), which would put em off for sure. If they won't pay me to do the job commensurate with my standards, then I'll make sure and give them what they pay me for.

    I do my civic duty in other ways, which are purely voluntary, and way more meaningful than listening to a debate. However, that don't mean I can't be bought. No need for acting honorably in a dishonorable system.
  9. E-9

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    I agree with Mr (T),,, but you know what bothers me ?????????
    I have been called frequently to serve on various Jurys,, what really gets me is that the court calls 250 people to serve on just two or three cases,,, Pre-selection hearing the Judge asks all Felons, people related to Felons and those pending Feon hearings
    to come forward and he dismisses them. Most of the time that nice sweet old lady your setting by gets up along with half of the
    group in attendance and leaves.... man something wrong with our laws ??????????????????????????????

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  10. E-9: I never said that I refused to go to jury duty. I have went everytime I have been summond. I am quite aware of the laws where I live. I was just voicing my opinion.--- Or is that illegal too.
    Oh I was just curios-- what state do you reside.
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  11. Calvin

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    I got called once to jury duty, and was excused because I had already planned a vacation the day after I was to start. I knew a guy who ended up on Grand Jury duty, and he was in it for 2 years. He got paid 1/3 his hourly rate, which is okay with him. However, I feel you should be paid your full hourly wage. Most people can't afford to do it for $25/day.

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    I have a hard time asking people to suffer a loss of wages in order to do a civic service; That being said I think everyone should try to do it if they could afford it. The problem I see with a "jury of my peers" is that this is often referred to as people I think will side for me or be more lenient.

    Lets face it; after you weed out the Bread winners, the self employed and people who have other valid excuses who are you left with? Married women w/o children and who probably do not work or make much money, the elderly who do not have to work or the poor who do not work. These are usually leaning a little left of center on their views.

    These are the people that don't think that guy really meant to kill him; or that he was abused so its not all his fault. And this is why you have people who get off with minor sentences or away with the crime altogether.

    I am really surprised that the jury has no intelligence standard for admittance seeing how importance the job is. I mean lawyers have to goto school and cops and judges have to be reasonably intelligent (though sometimes they aren't) but the jury can be a bunch of morons and no one will give a ****.
  13. Shaun

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    Lawyers (snakes) don't want me something about my being an ex cop and my opinion that if someone is charged with a drug related crime or anything violent (robbery, rape, murder) That they are guilty and should be excuted immediately.
  14. tommy

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    the way i see it is you should do you'r part but you should get paid too. the judge is getting full pay the lawyers are getting over paid and the one that make the final decision are getting under paid.if you told the lawyer he had to take a really big cut in pay to defend his client .not many would take the offer.and defend that client.the juries pay should be what they make at their jobs by the hour. they don't cut cost on prosicuting the guilty they don't pay half price for the dna test and all the other test they do .so why pay you'r jury less than half pay to be there and if lawyers get the choice to defend you or not then we should have a choice to show up or not. it seems like the outlaws in this country have more rights than the law abideing person. this is goin to sound funny but . i'v seem cases where a guy goes to break in to a house and on his way out falls and gets hurt. he gets arrested and goes to jail. for 2 or three years and while he is in jail he files a law suite against the home owner for getting hurt on his property and wins his case . so when he gets out of jail he gets a nice check for 150.000. and what does the homeowner get . a big boost in his insurance premiums. and a slap in the face. this is very true. i have seen it happen more than one time.and that is sad.hell man if my kids get hurt i have to wait a few hours at the hospital. if an inmate get sick or hurt they take him right in and he gets treated (WHAT A GREAT SYSTEM WE HAVE ) like the old saying ( ONLY IN AMERICA)
  15. Oxford

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    Keep those old farts off jury duty!

    Now what kind of BS is this about keeping old farts off jury duty because they lean too far to the left.

    I know of one old fart that you wouldn't want on jury duty, especially if the case involved crooked politicians (either Rep or Dem), lawyers, or any other kind of low life in the USA. I would vote to put behind bars any low life scum whom I believe is guilty.

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  16. hipowr

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    Well, I was one of those who never thought i'd get picked. I am a law enforcement officer, and since I got paid either way, I went the last time I was called. I figured, what the heck. Well, of all things, I was in the pool for a child molestation case. Now despite what everyone says, I feel I am even handed and fair, and was honest during the questioning. I thought for sure no matter what I said i'd get booted fast. Well, nobody said boo after I was questioned, and I could not believe it. What even more amzing, I wasn't the only cop to make it onto this jury. The jury had finally been picked at the end of the second day, and I was on it.
    We were sent out to lunch that day, then we all come back in. We were told that during lunch the defendant took a plea agreement. Myself and the other cop got to talking to the prosecutor and defense attorney on our way out. I couldn't believe what I heard. The DEFENSE attorney kept us on the jury to assure his client would take the plea agreement. Apparently, this guy was so guilty (DNA evidence and all) that he didn't have a chance. He kept us on for no other reason then to convince the guy he had no choice. I hate to say it, but it almost gave me an ounce of respect for lawyers! I soon got over that, but I will never forget that interesting experience.

  17. Oxford

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    Level headed persons are needed on the jury


    You sound like a very level headed person and the defense and prosecution lawyers probably perceived my gut feeling, too.

    However, you're probably right in that the attorneys were just playing the game of one-upmanship in order to get the case settled without going to trial. Guess in this case it worked.

    I have never been on a jury but would welcome the opportunity. Received a letter once telling me I "might" be called and asked me to fill out the questionaire. Did that and didn't hear back. Guess something eliminated me.

    It's strange why some people have been called several times and others never get called. Guess it's some kind of lottery regarding who gets called. It could be the occupation a person's in, too.



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    What questionaire

    What were some of the questions you were asked Oxford?

    A new tactic they are using is to ask you if you listen to talk or am radio. Since it is dominated by conservative thinkers they use this to try to weed out people with conservative or republican backgrounds ( the ones who are usually tough on crime). This is an attempt to find out your political affiliation which is illegal.

    Are you under oath when you are asked these questions? If not lie like hell. Can't get you for perjery if you aren't sworn in!
  19. Oxford

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    Questionnaire must have had hidden agenda questions


    It's been about four years since I got my only jury questionnaire in my lifetime. Seems like the questions didn't get into much that would divulge my political leanings. Mostly things like was I going to be out of the country during that time and to verify that my address, etc. were all accurate.

    Filled it out accurately and didn't perceive any hidden agenda questions. Guess there must have been questions with hidden meanings that I didn't recognize or else they filled the jury without me being needed.

    Hxll, I would have welcomed the chance to do my duty if the attorneys would have selected me. I wouldn't have given much sympathy to the defendant if I found him guilty. On the other hand, if I believed someone was innocent I would have stood up for him, too.



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    Doing the Duty

    It is probably best that I don't get on a jury. I don't know the terminology or wording but some places have some leeway to allow you as the juror to interpret the law as you see fit or whether you think the law is justified.

    I would follow this line of thought. If a man is on trial for growing marijuana in his yard I am apt to let him go unless it can be established that he was a dealer (2 plants vs 200) They had better well prove to me that he did or meant to harm someone or conspired to limit anothers rights.

    And before you anti drug people bash me Would any of you convict a man soley on having a gun in his posession concealed- no intent to maim or commit a crime - just was there. I wouldn't.