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    I love the site, and I support the right to bare arms. I am used to dealing with .22 pistols, so getting an 8mm Turkish Mauser will be a big step. I am trying to think of any safety questions I need to ask before I get out on the range and get into a jam. I have heard that Mausers can jam, leaving a live round in the chamber. If this happens, how can I SAFELY get the round out without loosing body parts or getting dead?:nod:
  2. Collinthib,

    First of all welcome to the forum and I hope you will enjoy, learn and share.

    There are many on here more versed than I when it comes to a particular weapon so lean on that experience if you feel the need.

    When you mention that an 8MM has a tendency to jam that's something I haven't heard. However, any wapon is subject to at any time.

    By jam (leaving a live one in the chamber) I assume you mean a misfire, perhaps? If that happens keep the muzzle pointed safely down range and wait for 30 seconds in case it's a delayed fire caused by a malfunctioning primer. It probably will not go off but if it does you have the gun pointed in such that no one will be hurt.

    After thirty seconds simply open the bolt and discard the bad cartridge.

    If you mean jam as in a live cartridge stuck in the chamber that the bolt won't extract out then I suggest taking it to a good gun smith to remove.

    I've seen people open the bolt and start to pry the cartridge out with pocket knives, screwdrivers, etc. but I don't recommend it,

    Sometimes you can take a cleaning rod and insert it down the barrel and into a spent casing and gently tap it out.

    Not sure if that's what you might have meant by a jam.

    If you mean a round doesn't feed properly then it's a simple matter of backing of the bolt and removing the round.

    This might be obvious, but, other safety features are a good pair of eye and hearing protection.

    Know and use the safety features that come on your gun.

    Keep you weapon pointed down range unless coming to or departing from the range.

    Listen to the range officers....they're well trained and will give you good and basic range safety directions.

    There are tons of other safety aspects such as always assume a weapon is loaded (treat it accordingly) until YOU know it's not.

    Never hand a weapon to someone with the action closed.

    Always know your target and what's behind it. YOU are legally responsible for the end result of where that bullet goes.

    Use ammunition that is within specifications for your weapon....some people reload hot loads that might not be suitable in your gun.

    If you buy a used gun I always suggest having it inspected by a reliable gun smith before your shoot it.

    Keep your guns clean and in good working condition.

    If you have children around, or expect children coming to your home, I suggest keeping the gun empty and ammo in a seperate place. If it's a matter of self defense let your own mind and heart tell you if you want to keep the weapon loaded (I do but wife and I have no kids coming around). A gun lock of sorts is a personal decision also.

    Personally, I don't like them.....but, hey, that's me and my situation.

    There are a lot of other safety suggestions, I know, but I am so tired right now I can hardly think.

    I'm sure others will add theirs.

    I wish you many years of happy and safe shooting and, again, welcome!

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    Hello from a fellow Texan. Rule #1......is..... Always listen to Dale, who posted above. He is wise in the ways and always gives sound advice!

    Safe and Happy shhooting to ya!
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    >>>and I support the right to bare arms.<<<

    I prefer long sleeves thank you.

    Hey why not an 03A3 Springfield? They don't strip cases. (well mine never did).
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    Are you sure you want a Turk? The M48s are new, cheap, and widely available. The M48 is a little more desirable than the M48a, but both are great rifles for the price.
  6. Welcome I'm just guessing --your 16 right. Who's buying this rifle for you?
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    I have considered the Springfield, but the Mauser seems to be the right gun for my price. Sorry for my poor grammatical mechanics. I haven't considered the Yugo, probably because I haven't seen any in the local GI Surplus/gun shop, but I will now. I am 17, but you're close, and my mom will probably have to get the gun for me, since I don't want to wait until the government says I'm cool to get a firearm.:p
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    ya, i was born on march 7, 85. my bday profile is wrong
    sorry. :D
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    close enough to 17 anyway. haha
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    they get to be a little expensive for me....but might i ask in your opinion why i would be better off getting an SKS instead of a Mauser?
  11. Well for one I don't know anything about mausers. And for two--I don't know anything about mausers. I just like the more up to date stuff. And besides that I don't know anything about--yes you got it Mausers. That's ok most people don't like me until I have rubbed them the wrong way long enough. Good Search on your new rifle.
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    HAHA...don't worry, man, I am the same way, frustrating people into liking me. But hey, look at it this way. You have one quality most people don't have....Texas blood!!!! Thanks for info.
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    I bet 1/4 of the people here are from Texas. If you live near Houston, check out Jim Pruett's store, on Huffmeister, near Hwy 290. I like your idea of getting a good, large caliber bolt action. They are accurate, powerful, and good for hunting any large game around here. 8mm is also readily available. One thing to remember about Mausers, do not try to chamber ammo by hand; it has to come from the magazine. You can damage the extracter if you try to treat the gun like a single shot rifle.
  14. collin-- listen to Klaus. he knows his stuff.
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    KLAUS! Him da man!
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    I was going to give you an answer partner, but as I scrolled down it was obvious to me that Dale had EVERYTHING covered. Heck, I didn't even read the others. We're probably on another topic by now huh? No worries collinthib, welcome aboard!
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    Collin, Alan C. is good folk! Don't listen to him when he says no-one likes him...... He's a good man with firm beliefs and values, and he stands by them whether another thinks they are right or wrong. That is the true American ideal!