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  1. I went to J & G Sales Limited in Prescott, Arizona (the same as the one that has a link online) to purchase a case of .223 ammo.

    For the purchase of the ammo they have a store policy that you fill out and sign a form, in triplicate, giving your physical home address, certifying your age and the number or rounds purchased. I assume this is for any 'volume' purchases - whatever constitutes a volume. And, the form was nothing like the form filled out to buy a firearm.

    When asked about the reason(s) for the form their only response was, "It's just our policy".

    Prior to the purchase of the ammo I was forced to prove my physical address. If your driver's license has a different address than your actual physical address, and you have no sufficient proof of your physical address, you have to go to DMV to get a copy of your driving record to verify your physical address. Where I live all of our records have a PO box for mailing since there is no delivery of mail to residences.

    I know of no federal or state law requiring one to show proof of physical address (other than what you would voluntarily put on the BATF form when you buy a gun).

    I am certain the folks at J & G are pampering our boys at BATF by giving them your name and address for volume purchases of ammo.

    I have made large ammo purchases at other gun stores throughout Arizona and have never found another to require the filling out and signing of the physical address form.

    Needless to say I have made my last trip to J & G Guns.
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    Dale the only requirement is that they get a proof of age. All I ever do is get a copy of the ID to see the age then I shred them for my ammo business. Then the address verification should just be the billing addy of the card you are using and of course a shipping addy and that's it. Sounds to me like they are wanting something else

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    Not true, or maybe its not.

    I know when my father sold firearms at gun shows, he would have you sign a sheet of paper saying you understood that firearms are dangerous, and you would not hold him liable for your mistakes no matter what they were.
    He has your address,date, make and model of the gun.

    Now you say that they did that over a large order of ammo, I am sure Walmart does the same, as when my father went there after the brady bill was inacted, he bought like 500 cases of .22 ammo, they asked for the same thing.

    My whole point is, for libiliity reasons they might be doing that. I mean in this day and time, people make a stupid mistake and its the person that sells it fault.

    But if they are pampering ATF, then I would never go back to them ethier.
  4. Sure wish I'd have read this before I ordered 960 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo last night.
  5. I was there just yesterday, i've bought ammo from them many times, and have never been asked for adress, just proof of age, it must have been one of the newer guys they just hired, not realizing he didn't have to do that for ammo.
  6. It was a prepared form so it must have a purpose and one they use frequently.

    Anyway, my curiosity got the best of me so I e-mailed them asking the reasons for the form and the inconsistancy in not requiring it from everyone.

    Perhaps they might respond but I rather doubt it. We'll see.