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    this is just my opinionon the up and coming war with iraq. i think saddam insane should be delt with but the big thing is how can you ask other countries to help out ( again) because the first time they helped outall bush did was give the man a slap on the rist .back then saddam was stupid enough to put his troops out in the desert. now he is goin to put them in the city. and now he still doesn't have a chance but .alot more US sodiers are goin to get killed. goin after some one that they should have gottin the last time. they were there.it kinda sounds like that hill in vietnam that for some reason the US goverment wanted but soon as they had it they get orders to leave it. and another thing that west nile virus did any one look to see where it is found in the world ( the mid east) thats where and it sufaced in the USA in 1999 in new york first hum i wonder? well any way just something to think about
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    The same strain of west nile has also showed up in Saudi Arabia and Israel. I believe it's just a test to see how rapidly,and where a virus will spread. So later,they know where to release something more deadly. Just my opinion too.

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    Keep attacking till Saddham is dead.

    tommy: It is my understanding that during "Desert Storm" Bush Sr wanted to keep moving toward Saddham but the other countries in our forces wouldn't back him.

    Hopefully, if Bush Jr. eventually declares an attack, our forces will move forward till Saddham and his henchmen are wiped out.

    Oxford :nod:
  4. Now now. Paranoia is the strongest form of terrorism...whether someone does it to us or we do it to ourselves.

    The thing about the war against the Al Quida and bin Laden is this is a war that I think no one thought would be won over night and we were totally unprepared for it.

    The military, be it US or joint, could've sealed off the borders 'en mass' and squeezed inwards but I think everyone knew if that were the case then the Al Quida would've killed everyone in their paths in order to escape or force patriotism. Politically the US, and Bush, couldn't stand the political and world-wide tide wave effect.

    Bush was hoping to find secrets as the result of a controlled and methodical target approach...something I'm sure was somewhat of a success but the intelligence powers are hoarding their own secrets.

    One thing is for certain and that is, for now, a country has been liberated from a tyranical group and a group that still needs further elimination. Forces, especially US, will be there for years to come.

    Some day, somewhere, bin Laden will be laid to rest but, as we all know, he is priming the cells to carry on.

    This war is far from being over with.

    Personally, I would've like to have seen a few well deployed nukes...something a few would condemn but the majority would have understood.

    Now we face a war that will probably never end. I believe Bush had plans but the Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of the Senate would have screamed and Bush, in his heart, and mine, knew that it would've unleashed a nuclear and biological retaliation in a form we are not quite ready, if we ever are, to fight.

    The side note is, the longer this goes on, the more 'we' learn. And intelligence is worth it's weight in gold in modern fights.

    Remember, with regards to Sadam....Jr has an axe to grind for dad and his held back attempts by Congress, he he he he.

    I look back now and think we got into with bin Laden, other than the obvious reasons, as a means of Bush Jr. to charge on!

    I, for one, and **** glad Bush was in office this year. If Gore had been in he'd be still appologizing to bin Laden and AL Quida for anything we Americans might have done to upset them....fer sure....yepper.
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    While we're at it let's bomb Iran & Libya too...

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Canada too... ;)
  7. NRA that's a little close to home!!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Real close for me...darn hosers!
  9. wes

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    And Kalifornia.
  10. Hud

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    Hey NRA, I'm just south of the Cannuck border. Don't be droppen bombs so close, or we'll be shooting back.

    Kalifornia would be OK though. Just not in the U.S. :^)
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    not canada. fort lewis isn't that close, but still. as far as kalifornia goes, nuke everything south of santa barabara, just let me go home and get my sks, my mauser and my other non liberal friends first.