Just did a trigger job on my Encore!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hoosierdaddy, May 13, 2002.

  1. hoosierdaddy

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    I finally got to the range Saturday and fired my Encore in 243 for the first time. It shot pretty good out of the box. Then I measured trigger pull. A 5# trigger just won't stay in my safe. Since I didn't feel any creep I left the stones alone and replaced the trigger spring with a Bellm #6 spring. My brother has the trigger scale so I can't give an acccurate measurement. But it sure has made a difference. I still have a #7 spring that is lighter still if the pull isn't in the 1 - 1.5 range. The hammer is rebounding fine so I'm sure I can make the #7 work if it needs it.

    Anyone else have experience with Encore triggers? Any tricks you care to share with a newby;)?


  2. Ivey

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    Hey Rick,
    I don't have any trigger advice but was hoping for some from you. I am preparing to buy an Encore and strongly considering a .243 in a 15 inch barrell. Started off wanting 2 barrels, a smaller cal. and one .308 or larger for deer and maybe larger game. Why did you pick .243 and what length. Any other oppinions would be great.
    Thanks, Bruce

  3. ScottD

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    I did the same thing Rick. The sear engagement seems to be fine from the factory, its the !!!! spring that needs to be replaced.
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    From one newby to another how is the .243 recoil?
  5. ktech

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    I have a .243 on an encore with a 20" custom BBL, outstanding trigger job was done by an outfit no longer in circulation out of Tennessee. First group out of the workshop was .42" at 100 yards. Recoil is phenomenally small, as in I can keep the target within field of scope during the shot. This is an ideal cartridge and rifle combo for decent range varmint hunting and doesn't cause a fright lugging the small aluminum (non-rifle looking) case through the airport. This rifle has taken coyotes out to 385 yards, although that was probably more luck than application of any skill on my part ;^)