Just fer grins cuzzins.....my 99R "shooter"(250-3000)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cuzzin Mitch, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch Guest

    Got her a couple of months ago fer 400.00 out the door jest as ya see her.Scope ain't nothin fancy,jest functional.She drives tacks with ol green and yeller box Remington 250-3000 ammo.Good
    nuff fer yer ol cuz ta put some backstraps in tha ol smokehouse next season.Later cuzzins, Mitch.:cool:
  2. txtornado

    txtornado Guest

    Guy has one on GA for $650, you done good.

    I bought a 1955 99F 250/3000 in excellent shape except blue thin on receiver for $525 a couple months ago, haven't shot it yet.

    I put a V7-2 weaver on it, should work good.


  3. bgl0b6

    bgl0b6 Guest

    I picked up a real minty EG in 250 with a stith mount and scope from a guy last fall on the G&K sight for $300.He posted a question as to value and as way to many times did happen there,some of the experts ripped him to pieces.He got upset with the overall attitude of some of them,I had E-Mailed him about another gun he had asked about.H sold me both guns for $600.,the other is a 250 R,its close to new.I was smiling on that day,some of the guys blew that one.I have found its best to listen,you can do pretty good that way......
  4. Dan Har

    Dan Har Guest

    Got mine from a pawn shop for $275. Near as pretty as yours. It's a 99F 300 Savage with metal buttplate. Has striations on the receiver's bluing on one side. But I can live with those when it shoots 3 into 1-1/8"
  5. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch Guest

    :D Yea cuzzins,I kin stand a little "honest wear"
    on a used gun jest as long a she shoots.That's what matters most ta me.I got no use fer a gun what won't group or make a quick clean kill on an animal.And I got VERY few shootin irons that you could call collector grade as fer a condition goes.All mine been shot and enjoyed,but took care of too.
    Really, what else is a gun fer, side's shootin?
    Yea, their purty ta eyeball,but they was meant
    fer sendin lead down range first and foremost.
    Later cuzzins, keep yer powder dry, and yer sights on tha vitals.Mitch.:cool: