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Just got an AK mag sporter SKS

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Swapped two old SKS's for a new in box AK sporter SKS with the monty-carlo type wooden stock,wich I removed and saved replacing it with a wood thumb hole type stock,very compact and easy handling,soon to the range!:D :D
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ROCK AND ROLL RAVE...................

sounds like a winner to me, dying to hear how it does!!!

:fuss: :assult: :nod:
Hope it serves you well. You are now one of the SKS-D brotherhood (AKs are beneath us ;) )
Unfortunitly it does not seem to accept AK mags well nor does it want to feed well,huuuummmm. :confused:
You have to get the feel for it. It's harder to put the AK mags in correctly than in an AK. I always put it in with the front edge of the mag pointed vertical. I push upward then slide forward and do the normal rocking into place. You also have to make sure the catch on the mag is centered correctly. I usually have to look at it when I'm doing it. Also, if you replaced the original stock with a thumbhole, that may be part of it. The mag well is integrated into the stock. One thing I don't like about it.
Thanks G3,I also tried the original stock and the thumbhole which has the metal works like the monticarlo. I finally got an old mag to work well with careful seating,but my others don't work reliably,guess it needs breaking in as it has not been fired yet,maybe a GOOD cleaning also,but at this point it sure seem finicky.
May send it down the road.:confused:
The way the mag well is set up in the D-model, I would suspect that as the cause of the problem. Mine has always worked fine.

What kinds of feeding problems are you having?
Mostly the rounds go part way into the chamber,about to the start of the shoulder then stop,solid!
Have you tried working the action in slow motion? That might tell whether it's the action spring or the direction of feed. If you want, you could smooth out the feed ramp as long as the chamber is untouched.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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