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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tonto, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    I just got the rifle scoped out, and haven't really done to much with it. I do like the trigger pull and the bull barrel It feels well balanced for carrying, I really like it. Has anyone had any bad experiences with the rifle or the new caliber? I will probably be using it mostly at the range to plink with while my long range shooter is cooling down. And for small game and turkey hunting(if it is accurate enough):assult:
  2. ReRide

    ReRide G&G Newbie


    I finally got mine two weeks ago got it zeroed. I haven't done any serious sand bagged targeting but i have shot two boxes of ammo and glad to say it does very nice job on p' dogs. had some hits out to 175 yards. Does it's best at up to about 125yds.

    There are probably guns with better finish but not at the price!!!!!!!

    I can spend the extra money on ammo !!!!!!


  3. practical

    practical G&G Newbie

    I got one last week for graduation. Still haven't gotten it sighted in. I forgot the sheet of cardboard, so I couldn't even get it on the paper. But I was very impressed with the lack of recoil. I'm going back friday to finish the job.

    I disagree with the weight/balance oppinion. Just standing around holding the thing for an hour after I got it was a chore. I think mine is going to end up with a harris bipod. Then it'll be perfect for bench rest shooting and prone.

    Do any of the harris bipods allow slings with the bipod attached?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thats the single shot right, with the nice stock? The look very well made. I'd like one in the .17 HMR too! And one in .223. What did it go for? Around $250???
  5. practical

    practical G&G Newbie

    Well, it has a sythetic stock. It seems well put together, I just haven't gotten it sighted in. With that huge bull barrel, I don't know how it couldn't be a tack driver. Pretty hefty too. I need a bipod.

    I think the gun was~$150-175. It was a gift so I'm not certain.