Just got my AR15A2!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by GrassHoppa, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. GrassHoppa

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    Hey there, just wanted to see what people thought of Eagle Arms. I just picked up mine today. AR15A2, green furniture, 11 1/2 inch barrel collapsable stock. I'm pretty happy with it so far. I haven't got a chance to shoot it yet though. Anyone have one and can comment on it?
  2. That barrel is a little short ain't it. Unless of course it has a 5 inch suppressor permanently attached. E.A. used to make a good lower I assume they still do.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Wish I had one, good shooting bro, tell us how you like it! Always wondered about them myself.
  4. WyrTwister

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    Unless it is built as a pistol & you jumped through all the required hoops , then you have described a Short Barreled Rifle .

    BATF trears them almost like a machine gun . If this is the case , I question the wisdom of discussing it on the internet . :-(

    Of course , if you have a muzzle break or other muzzle attachment ( other than a flash suppressor , unless it is pre ban ) PERMANTLY attached , that brings the total length to 16 " or longer , then you are ok .

    But if you do that , why not kust use a 16" barrel to begin with .

    Also , if the rifle is not pre-ban , I seem to recall that the collapasable stock is forbiden , unless the stock is a " fake " with the stock fixed in one position .

    Again , if that is the case , what is the point .

    Lastly , the whole rifle must be 26 " or longer , as I recall .

    Please be cautious ,

    God Bless
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    Just to add to WyrTwister's info, having any stock at all would make a pistol into an NFA weapon unless the barrel was 16" and it would then become a rifle.

    Did you buy the rifle like that, or did you convert it? Did they use a standard instacheck, or did you do NFA paperwork, or did they sell it to you privately and seem very happy to be rid of it?

    Or are you a law enforcement officer, in which case you can have anything as long as your department authorizes it?
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    I'm sorry there guys. I guess I should explain myself. I'm up here in Canada. Nothing pre-ban or post-ban.....or NFA paper work. Sorry about that guys....I kinda keep thinking this is a CDN only forum. So, the way the laws are here......as an AR15 with a calber of .223 (anything above a .22) and magazines pinned at 5 rounds only, the rifle is classified as "restricted". As restricted the barrel can be any length and a colapsable stock is not illegal. The government just has to know all about me what firearms I do own. Sorry again guys for the confusion.
  7. BattleRifleG3

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    Thanks for clearing up the confusion. I now remember that you're from Canada, probably should have remembered.

    Personally, I'd rather have a full length barrel and fixed stock than lose full capacity magazines. That's what I plan to get some day. By the way, how much was it in Canada?
  8. GrassHoppa

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    In total, it came to just under 1700 CDN. As for the short barrel, I just wanted something fun to shoot at the farm. Something for popping off some gophers. I didn't get it to shoot at matches or anything, I just wanted something FUN to shoot! So, I'll shoot the crap outa this one and then maybe get something longer later on! Anyway, I'll see what happens. And yeah, a 30 round magazine would be nice but it's kinda dumb how they try to "stop" you from having more. They gave me 2 20 round magazines that have rivits in the back of them. "Someone" could just drill the rivits out and there would be nothing to stop someone from putting 20 rounds in it! Weird eh?

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    Eagle Arms is kind of a misnomer. ArmaLite builds parts for guns (sold as Eagle Arms) and ArmaLite rifles (complete guns). This is done because they put a lifetime warranty on the complete guns but almost nothing on the parts. Its okay, though. Same quality and made in the same location by the same people. I have two of them. An AR-10, and an M15A4. Both are great guns.
  10. k.p.

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    :hitwithrock: if you live in canada i have no clue about gun laws but i am i officer working in the netherlands with nato, if you live in canada why wouldn't you buy a M-16 or atleast a AR15A2. the A2 model doesnt jam as much, even though AR15's arent supposed to jam i think they have a over complicated mechanism for the average person, the A2 is fairly simple.
    Any way have fun with it.
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    What are you talking about?