just got my m1a

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DavidC, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. DavidC

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    i just got my first m1a today it is a springfield. it is in great condition the man i bought it from had never shot it. the serial # is 39xxx can anyone tell me when it may have been made i can't wait to start the learning process with her . this is my weapon there are many like it but this one is mine. i have wanted one of these for years my father used one in the airforce in the early 60's and has passed his love for this fine battle riffle on to me . :D :D :D
  2. David N

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    Congrats, you are gonna love it. I don't know the age of your new friend but you should be able to find something on the web pertaining to its age. Don't be afraid to use surplus ammo in her, she will love it and so will your wallet. There is some ral fine Portuguese stuff out there right now and from what I have heard is it is top grade stuff.

  3. DavidC

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    Thanks David . she sure is sweet but my wife won't let me take her to bed with me . heheheheheh:D :D
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    Congrats. I have wanted one of these since I carried one in1966.One of my favorite miliatary firearms along with the 1911s.
  5. Dick Robinson

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    David, if it's a toss-up between your wife or your M1A, I'd sleep,on the couch, with the M1A.
    Have a good one, enjoy your rifle.
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    You don't say it's a Springfield. If you mean Springfield Armory, you can call them and they'll tell you. Mine is 070xxx, and is Oct '92, if that's any help at all.
  7. DavidC

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    Thanks guys the couch is ok with me and my new friend.And she does not snore what a deal . hehehe
  8. Congrats on the new purchase. I just took delivery of my new M1A Scout Squad rifle last week. Been waiting a year to find one. Traded my NIB (kept it that way while searching for the Scout rifle) SAR-8 and can't be any happier about the trade! Sure would be nice if the magazines weren't so danged expensive, though -- boy, if I just knew that when I was still on active duty!
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    David C.,
    Give Springfield Armory a call. They can tell you when the receiver was manufactured and also tell you if it was sold as a complete rifle or just a receiver.
    Note: It helps to place an order to get the information you want. Some people have been turned down on their request if they don't place an order and get a customer service person who is having a not so nice day.
    No, I do not work for Springfield.


  10. DavidC

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    Thanks for all the replies guys I called SA of tuesday and the folks were great they said that my lady was born (hahaha) july of 86. she had never been fired bofore tuesday , a friend took her down and we found that he she still had protectant in her receiver. any how she sure shoots nice . Battlefield zeroed at 8 clicks up right on the money. thanks again and happy shooting from the Alamo city. DavidC
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    Like a Garand , grease for all parts subject to high speed friction , except the gas cylinder & piston ( dry ) . Gun oil on the rest of the metal . Boiled linseed pil for the wood .

    God Bless