just got my new glock 22

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by black5oh, May 17, 2008.

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    hello everybody, this is my first post!

    i just got a glock 22 which is a 40 cal with meprolight sights on it.

    does anyone know any specific locations where i can shoot in the desert around vegas?

  2. ya....the desert, im pretty sure its deserted

    im kidding, the glock 22 is usually a first for alot of handgun owners, not a bad pick either

    umm, check packing.org, they have a lot of good info, i know a few members here live around there and can tell you from experience, its just a bit slow sometimes, give it a day er so and you will be flooded with good info

    and welcome friend!

  3. First off, let me say hello to you and welcome you to the G&G forums.

    Secondly, congrats on your new purchase. I'm a Glock fan. Others, and I'm sure you might hear from them are not. lol To each his own.
  4. black5oh

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    wow, nice people on this site so far. im impressed! i know its the desert but the blm recently banned the desert area around vegas from recreational shooting but there are some exceptions and i was just curious if somebody knew where those were.

    btw, i love my glock so far. im saving up for a bar-sto barrel already. i have a feeling that parts for this thing are gonna be addicting
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    Welcome. The GLOCKs work pretty good.
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    WELCOME... You need to check with your local gunshop on places to shoot. You may want to consider joining a range. I was shooting on BLM land also until I joined a range, it is much more fun and you will meet some of the best people in the world. There are other benifits too...if you have any problems there is usually someone who has delt with it before. Anyway good luck, and don't be shy in letting us know how you are doing. Hey I just remembered, I think there is a shooting complex there called Front Site. Kind of up-scaled but if you get a chance, check it out. I have been interested in it for some time now.
  7. I just bought a Storm Lake barrel for my G35, paid $135.68, shipped. I'd highly recommend Storm Lake. Besides, I'd heard Barstow went out of biz? Go here to get yourself a Storm Lake Barrel, best pricing around...

    GlockWorld - Glock Barrels - Storm Lake, EFK, Advantage Arms, KKM

    I would point out I have the G35 and have the slide has a factory cutout for use with a ported barrel, which is what I went with, 4 ports to be exact. What a difference...