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  1. This thread might be long so, please bear with me as I hope someone will find this useful.

    To give some history I posted a thread in the Swedish Mauser forum commenting that my mauser shot high and asked for suggestions and if someone knew of a formula to figure out the amount of sight change needed for it to zero.

    Well, now I got it!

    I ordered a over-sized front sight blank from Brownells and along with it came the formula and directions to figure out the change.

    After a few brewskis I convinced my buddy (he he he he) to try it out on an older .22 rifle that he says was shooting high also (the results will follow).

    So, here it is:

    Keeping ALL measurements in the same expression (i.e., inches, feet, meters, yards, etc.) Multiply the distance between the front sight and the rear sight by the amount of error on the target (how far off the hit was from point of aim) and divide that by the amount of distance from where you are to the target.

    Well, we shot a five shot group with his rifle and sure enough....it shot consistantly high.

    So here's what we did:

    On his rifle the distance between the front and rear sight was 17 INCHES.

    The amount of consistant 'off' on the target was almost exactly 2 INCHES high.

    The distance to the target turned out to be 34 1/2 feet OR 414 INCHES.

    17 inches X 2 inches equals 34 INCHES.

    414 inches divided into 34 inches equals .08188 (etc.) INCHES the front sight had to come down.

    Off we went to find a micrometer and we carefully measure the height of the front sight and carefully fine filed the front sight down a roughed off .082 inches.

    The attached photo of a make-shift target at the same distance shows the final results. The quarter taped to the left will nearly cover the four shots at the left of the dot. Not shabby for that distance with open sights and weary old eyes and a few brews, lol.

    Little to say Danny is happy with the change....as I am. We'll work on the slight adjustment to windage another day.

    The formula works! And it can be done with fixed sights where you have to file down on elevation or it can also be used for adjustable front sights for windage (left and right).

    It can be used for adjustable rear sights in the same manner.

    I sure hope this formula will help anyone else who has a sight-in iron sight problem.

    The key is, of course, take it easy if your filing......you obviously can't put it back on.

    ^5 to Brownells for having the insight to give and share knowledge.

    Happy shooting.

    PS...something happened to the pic....I'll try to attach it again...if not...please trust me.....it was good shooting.
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  2. Let's try the pic again

    I had to take a digital picture of it...the scanner image was too large.

    Hope this works.

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    Invaluable Information

    Dale: That information is invaluable. Thanks for sharing it on the forum and walking me through the steps.

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    Sorry, I do not recall you asking for a formula. I could have figured it out for you because it is a simple trig calculation.
  5. I found the thread but, after reading it I realize I was rather vague....I merely mentioned the gun shooting high and how much to take out from under the rear sight base.


    I guess I need to be more specific, lol.

    And, it wasn't in the Swedish Mauser room but about 5-6 pages back in this forum....oops.

    Things do work out and I appreciate your consideration, Klaus...fer sure....yepper.
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    Dale,ya didn't hit the quarter at all.
  7. wes

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    And,I think you put that dot there after you shot the paper. hehe.
  8. I knew I should have payed more attention in my high school trig class.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Still got a quarter I hit with a swede Mauser I used to have. Right through the center at 25 yds. Wish I still had that one too!
  10. NARJoe,

    the quarter or the Swede?

    I put the quarter on there after shooting just to indicate the group size.

    As far as my swede goes I got the new over sized blade sight on...hope to get to Ben Avery first of next week to zero it in.

    Some people don't realize it but most mausers were made to shoot accurate at 300 + meters. Hence why most shoot hight at 100 yards, etc.

    I really get a charge outta shooting mine. For a 6.5 X55 caliber is sure has kick and noise to it, lol.

    Since I've never shot it in the dark or at dusk I have no idea of the flame it throws, if any.