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  1. I think Mike would have gotten a kick out of this. I heard the sound of crumpling metal this morning. When I looked outside I saw a mangy white bulldog chewing, yes chewing on my truck. As usual the animal(just like the cats in an earlier thread) ran straight to the neighbors house. Before you ask, I wont shoot unless I have a clear firing lane.

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  2. Plumber

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    Mabe he had an iron deficiency.

  3. Then a load of steel shot should fix him right up.
  4. samuel

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    Seems like he would go after real horses,not those rubber shod ones.(that would make me mad)
  5. texnmidwest

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    That is one of the strangest things I have ever seen!

    How did the conversation with neighbor/dog owner go? That is a lot of damage!
  6. Paul T

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    The monster of Ocmulgee river
  7. That neighbor doesn't own the dog.That one use to own a herd of cats, and for some reason, animals run straight to her house when I go outside. It belongs to someone(?) on the road behind my house. The deputy that wrote the report thinks the dog may be rabid. He got a look at the dog, when he pulled up, and he had thick ropes of drool from his mouth to the ground. He told me to shoot the dog and call them if he comes back. The odd thing is, I'm more hurt than angry. I think the combo of this, and loosing Mike and my cousin Scott on the same weekend may have short circuited my my ability to be angry. I'm just kinda bewildered and numb. I think I'm just gonna pray about it, and wait for guidance.
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  8. drtybykr

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    My kind of deputy!
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Maybe its Mikes way of telling you he is watching !!
  10. texnmidwest

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    Jim I will keep you in my prayers. I understand the feeling of being numb. I hope you get your chance to help the neighborhood and truly, help this animal by taking him out of his misery.

    When it is all over, you will see the humor in all this truck thing.
  11. BarryHalls

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    Well, thank goodness it was just your Dodge.

    Hate to see that kind of mistreatment done to a Ford.
  12. samuel

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    Cheer up Jim,things can only go "UP" from here.
  13. Seabeescotty

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    Looks like that dog has hydrophobie, to me. Jim, it was good to hear your voice,but I am sorry to hear about your cousin, and the dog trouble. It can only get better....
  14. CalifgirlinOk

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    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.
    And I can't believe a dog would chew a truck.
  15. ...

    Atleast it wasnt a Ford :p jk lol Makes ya wonder if the dog was special in the head if ya know what I meen. I have never heard of or seen that before till now.
  16. Sorry about your cousin. Don't get that drool in an open cut. I've never heard of that, it sounds like rabies.
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    Im sorry about your cousin, I just read back up and read all the posts and missed one of yours. Im sorry If I came off as uncaring, I didnt meen to. :( Im sorry to hear about your cousin. I lost my dad when I was 13 and my uncle who was like a dad when I was 16 and my granpa when I was 11. All 3 I was very very close to so I understand the pain. I really feel bad now, I hope I didnt affend you.
  18. I'm wasn't offended. My faith and crazy sense of humor has always gotten me through.

    If everything is crazy all around me, I'm fine as long as I can do something to help. It's only when I can't do anything to make things better that my PTSD kicks in. Just felt a little overwhelmed for a while is all. Growing up, I was always "Daddy" when I hung out with my friends. They used to tell me, "as long as your here we know everything will be ok". Having them feel like that is both a blessing, and a curse.