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    This is meant for "Hammerdown", THE S&W expert, but anyone feel free to respond.
    I've been looking for the right S&W .357 and this one fits perfectly.
    It's a 13-2 serial no. 77153 with B6 stamped above the serial no.
    I would like to know a bit of its history. When was it manufactured? For which law enforcement agency? The 4"barrel seems larger in diameter and the factory grips seem larger too than other 13-2's I've seen.

    We spent the entire day roaming the aisles of our local "Swappers Day" and the very last booth had two 13-2's, for $375 and $425. Wound up paying $400 for the one that showed minimal holster wear.

    Thank you in advance for your information. I'll post pictures when I figure out how.

    Dave Holl
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    Hello Dave
    The Model 13-1 and it's Later dash series model variants are considered to be a Heavy Version barreled .357 Magnum M&P revolver. Originally, They were focused towards Law Enforcement when they were first Introduced in 1974 and made for The New York State Police, & these were stamped on their side frames as N. Y. S. P. Made with a Heavy barrel in Nickel or Blued finish offering a 3" Barrel round butt configuration, along with a 4" Barrel Square butt configuration the first ones being scarce marked this way for the N. Y. S. P. Being1200 Guns total. The early 581's had a D-Prefix before their serial number and the true serial number can be found on the bottom of grip frame butt , Not to be confused with the Gun's crane area assembly numbers seen when the cylinder is opened. I believe you gave numbers from the crane area and these numbers are often assembly plant reference number's, bin location numbers, or inspector stamp numbers. For a True serial number of any S&W revolver, it will always be stamped on the bottom of the revolver's grip frame.

    Your revolver being a Model 13-2 was produced from 1977-1981 time span. The Dash number of 1 after your model number indicates a design change and in this change they moved the gas ring from the cylinder Yoke to the cylinder of the gun. These guns came shipped from the factory with Magna style service grips. I suspect yours has been updated with a set of Factory Target style grips of much larger size, as these were not offered on your gun as a standard item. These were a fixed sighted gun with a Baughman raised ramp style front sight blade named after the Famed F.B.I. Agent Frank Baughman who designed this style sight blade back in the Late 1930's and submitted his sight idea to S&W for use on his own special ordered Registered Magnum revolver back in the Mid 1930's time span. These sights were designed to provide a clean draw without snagging, and S&W has used them since on most barrels of less than 5" Length in all of theirRevolver model lines.

    This gun is not to be confused with an earlier Made model 13 M&P Aircrewman revolver, that S&W Produced in the 1950's time span, but made in .38 Special caliber. These Guns were stamped on their back straps USAF . The aircrewman's frames were made of Aluminum alloy material along with their cylinders for the intent to be used in an Emergency by the Armed forces Jet Pilot's if their Planes were shot down to protect the Pilot, and by using the Light alloy materials it kept the weight down compared to the much heavier Carbon steel materials used back then, and one reason for this was for hard forced Parachute landings, the alloy material handguns meant much less shock force to the pilot during these landings, as they were mainly worn in waist worn holster. Sadly, shortly after their release, it was determined that the Aluminum cylinder's of these early alloy guns were not safe for repeated firing so those revolver's were recalled and destroyed by the armed services, by either cutting the guns up or destroying them with a Blow torch. The Model 12 Air-Weight was also being produced although it had a carbon steel cylinder they were deemed safe for repeated firing, but not issued to The Armed Air forces.

    S&W Later Built the Model 681 revolver which is the stainless Cousin to your gun and it is shown below. It was built on the Larger-L-Frame with a full underlug barrel. This was S&W's Last attempt to build a fixed sighted Heavy duty .357 Magnum caliber side arm for Law Enforcement. Being that the frame is Larger on these than the model 13's and 19's being built on the smaller K-Frame, and these being made on the Larger-L-Frame it was said they could take the repeated Punishment of full House Magnum loads without compromise, as some had reported that the smaller K-Frame Model 13's & 19's were cracking the forcing cones after repeated firing of Magnum Loads through them, and the larger design of the L-Frame made it possible to Beef up the upper frame area where the barrel screw's into frame along with a slightly Larger in diameter barrel, thus eliminating this cracking of the forcing cones we saw in the earlier Lighter frame made Model 19's-{ Being the Adjustable sighted K-Frame .357 Magnums} & 13's { Being the Fixed sighted .357 Magnum's} Soon there after we saw the Model 686 Born which was also made in the larger-L-Frame configuration but this one had adjustable sights and is still produced today, and by using the full Underlug Barrels it is said provide a little less muzzle flip when firing Magnum ammo compared to Non Lugged barrels, Thus allowing Faster follow up shot's. I hope this answers your questions.....

    My Model 681 L-Frame Magum M&P Revolver in Stainless steel with Factory Installed Magna style service grips