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Greetings from the Pacific N.W.,

I just recently received a BEAUTIFUL Colt Model 1889 in .38.

It has a 6" barrel with COLT. D.A. 38 roll marked on the left side of the barrel.
It is finished in beautiful deep blue with rather plain walnut stocks.
Its serial # seems rather low at 71XX.
The serial number is marked on every main part frame, crane, cylinder release and on the bottom of the butt.
On the butt is is marked: US
(Filled in lanyard hole)
The initials R.A.C. appear on several surfaces throughout the revolver and must be an inspectors initials.
The cylinder spins backwards when latched which was one of the initial weaknesses in the original Mod. 1889 design that prompted modifications incorporated in the M-1892 revolver.

Any further info anybody may have would be MUCH appreciated including it's value, Thanks in advance, Jaymo
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