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  1. I'm new to the forum. I just got a FEG PA-63 and have enjoyed reading about them here, so I thought I would join up.
    I got the Wolf springs (all 3) and a set of Marschal Grips (Walnut, red stain w/ checkers & "FEG" insignia) they look awesome! Will be installing them this weekend and taking it out for it's first spin just as soon as I get all this gooey stuff off of it.
    A buddy got one a few months ago and since I just got my conceal permit thought the PA-63 would make a great conceal carry.
    -Carry on...
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    Lock'nLoad'd: Sir; Welcome from NC. You have joined up with some mighty knowledgeable and decent folks.

  3. welcome to G&G. How does your PA-63 shoot I have been thinking about picking one up for my first pistol after boot camp^^.
  4. Ask me that again when I get back from Memorial Day.
    I haven't shot it yet, actually still cleaning it. Going down to SouCali & meeting up with some old motocross buddies for a riding/shooting/camping weekend.
    I will give a full report when I return.
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  5. Have fun and be safe out there dirt bikes are fun but painfull when you crash lol.
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    Welcome to the site!!
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    welcome to the forum! glad you found us. have un with the motocross/shooting! just dont mix the two sports!:09:
  8. Well that was a great weekend of riding and shooting!

    We put the fancy springs in the night before we headed out to Jawbone, felt the difference by hand but I didn't shoot mine w/ the pld springs. My buddy has had his FEG a little longer and said it was quite a difference. He has had the hollow points misfeed once in about 30 bullets, now not at all, although he only shot about 30 hp's this weekend.

    I found the little weapon quite appealing. It has a great hand feel and doesn't kick as much as I anticipated after reading about it. Most handguns I've shot are bigger, but when I read that this little mule kicks I was expecting something like a kick from a 1911 or a 9mm Sig. It actually kicks about as much as my old 32.

    No problems whatsoever. Seems to shoot a tad high at 25 yards but dead nuts at 50. I'm very satisfied.

    Oh yeah, and the Marschal Grips! Awesome feel. A bit wider lower on the handle and no thumb ridge. I got mine in red stained walnut, checkered and mag extended w/ the FEG insignia. Beautiful!

    Good weekend, good friends, and a lot of holes in targets!
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    Welcome aboard, L&L
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    Hi.Welcome. sam.
  11. Hey feller !!! WELCOME to GUN and GAME and Thanks for Joining !

    I enjoyed your range report too ! Can you post a picture of your new shoot'in Iron ?

    See you around...A.H