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  1. Ten Man

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  2. Big Dog

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    Fortyseven years of self-centered self-promotion and greed. He is the very epitome of a DC Swamp denizen.
    He's the posterboy for what is so very wrong in American government.
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  3. ChaZam

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    Yes sir, when we do a search for Joe B. they could just post a picture of a dirt bag out of a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
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  4. rando

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    Ten Man you are being rather nice calling that POS a Bastid. He has no conscience at all like many other on his side. Dont now how he can sleep at night.
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  5. mitchr

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    He's probably sleeping on a $20K bed, bought with our tax $$.:(
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  6. Rave

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    He's a democrap,his wrongs do not bother him,how ever if he missed a chance to raise them taxes he would be tossing and turning for weeks,or at least hr=e got a shot at another tax increase,bastid!:mad:
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  7. Huey Rider

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    He is such a two-face, lieing, back-stabbing,mush-mouthed, commie dirt bag.

    I don’t like him very much either!
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