Just what exactly is going on now?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, Sep 6, 2002.

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    You know, I been thinking about how this current scenario is playing out. Things just aren't adding up as simple as I thought they oughta. By my way of thinking, we should already be in Bagdad right now. There ain't one world power that doesn't know that Hussein is not in compliance with UN directives, and that he had something to do with 911. Okay, so maybe he's not making any direct threats against us, but he's definitely more than a going concern now.

    We've been 2nd guessing our administration for a few months now, and we are all frustrated perhaps that they've not stepped forward like we did in 1990 and been the kind of world leaders we feel we should be. I gotta wonder what's up GWs sleeve, cuz he's holdin his cards right now awful close to his chest, which is making it kinda hard to make sense outta his lack of action. He never struck me as the kind that would be so intimidated by what the arabs thought, even though he's made a lotta money off them.

    This whole thing reminds me of an act on the old Ed Sullivan show where this guy would come out on stage with a cabinet with dowels sticking up out of it, and he'd start spinning these plates around on these dowels. He'd keep adding more plates and try and keep the others spinning. Every once in a while, he couldn't keep up or he flub and one of the plates would come crashing down, then he'd have to mount another plate and get it going. Beyond a certain number, he was not able to keep up, and the plates would start coming down regularly. I wonder how many plates GW can keep going at one time?
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    We have been told by just about every country in the world that has a military to not invade Iraq. It is not a good idea to go against the wishes of every country in the world. It is nice to have at least some support for airspace, landing strips, intelligence, supply routes, etc. I don't think GW is plate spinning. I think he is getting set up properly. Besides he has the China/Taiwan debacle to contend with. We don't want to make a premature move and get stuck in a two front war.

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    Good point lenny, many of us have forgoten all about china with eveything going on in afganistan and iraq.
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    We need to get China (mainland) and Iraq fighting each other.