K-31 Front Site adjustment

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by twisterx44, May 20, 2008.

  1. twisterx44

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    Well, I finally got to go shoot my K-31! for anyone who had helped me along the way, they knew the long process of deciding to get it, learning how to order it via FFL, recieving it, refinishing the stock (first time, again), waiting 3 more weeks for my ammo, and then finally shooting it!\

    I must say, I am very impressed. Here is a target that I fired 8 rounds at from about 100 yards. It looks to me like I need to adjust my front sight slightly, but which way and any idea how much?

  2. move the front sight to the right as you're looking at it from the rear sight. If you adjust it while looking down the muzzel, move it in the direction you want the group to move

    Move the front sight just a skosh.

  3. gandog56

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    Or maybe half a scosh.
  4. twisterx44

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    the hell is a scosh?
  5. Big Tool

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    Alittle more than a hair.

    "Redneck for approximately 1-2centimeter"

    That looks like a very nice grouping other than the two flyers. But i get a few of those myself :)
  6. Big Dog

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    As we say down here - "Just one RCH at a time!" :scool:
  7. texnmidwest

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    Big Tool, I think you meant to say MILLIMETERS instead of Centimeters. RCH is a mm or two. Unless you are using female definition increments, if you remember that joke. LOL!:09: