Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jesse, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Jesse

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    Does anyone have any shooting experience with this rifle?

  2. Skippy9821

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    Check back with me in a month. I have two on the way from AIM!!!!:p

  3. EdG

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    Jesse: I took my K-31 to the range and I can tell you this. It has almost no felt recoil and at 25 yards I was able to hit the bullseye 3 of five shots. not a bad rifle. The action is very smooth and the bore, at least on mine is excellent. A very good choice for a rifle. I am thinking of buying another as a spare as the prices are going to rise when the news gets out on how well these rifles work and shoot.
  4. JS44

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    Definitely a good rifle to have. I bought one two weeks ago at a gun show. I haven't shot it from the bench yet to see just how accurate it really is but I've shot it from prone and sitting and I've gotten better groups with it than with my M1 and AR-15. Ammo can be a problem. All there is now is the Swiss GP11 which is excellent match grade ammo but berdan primed so it's not reloadable. The other is INDEP from Portugal and it's boxer but not as accurate as it comes loaded as the GP11. Neither are cheap. None the less, it's still a very well made and accurate rifle and I'm looking foreward to getting another one.
  5. Dennis

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    I had one years ago and it was made like a swiss bank vault.
    Is there any plans on rebarreling or rechambering these fine rifles to a more plentiful carterige?