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  1. I found a Swiss K11 today at a local gunshop. It was mfg. in 1897 and is in excellent shape considering how old it is. The bore is a little dark but the rifling is good and there is very little pitting in the grooves. The bolt is not the 1896 that they had problems with the locking lugs cracking. The metal is better than average and the stock is in much better shape than most of the K31s I've seen. The price is $299 which is more than I'd like to pay but this is the first one I've seen. Looking for some feedback on how well these shoot and how well they hold up. TIA
  2. It looked pretty nice to me ;-)

    I think you got a good deal.
    And of course, keep me in mind if you do ever want to part with it.
    See ya around at Randy's


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    Like a dumarse I passed on an excellent cond. one for $250 from an old lady at our gunclub show.

    Decided to go back next day and it was gone.
  4. Joe you sound like me when it comes to that sort of thing!!
    We will never learn.
  5. I missed out on a nice Swede M38 by waiting just one day. Now if I even think I might want a rifle I see I ask Randy to set it back. There was someone waiting behind me if I didn't take it. acarpenter.....I've probably seen you around the store but I don't recognize your name. My name is Don.:):)
  6. Ya thats a good plan, people always snatch guns up really quick at Randy's.
    By the way, you saw me the other day actually. I was the young guy that Randy said liked the k11 when I was over by the register paying for my M1 carbine ammo. I think it was Friday.
    Anyway, glad to hear you are a Swiss rifle fan!
    Next time I see you at Randy's we will have to talk about our addiction. I have been bitten pretty hard by that bug. I started collecting in January, now I have 10 guns...

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    I'm having a brainfart and can't remember but is this one of the ones that has the bore that will work with current Swiss surplus 7.5 ammo? Or has it been re- barreled?

    Never mind, if marked correctly it shold be a type of "96/11" and good to go.
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