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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Spots, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Spots

    Spots G&G Newbie

    Hello. First post to these boards, so a bit o'me-self: Navy, 16yrs in, stationed in Colorado (ship? what ship?), avid weapons collector who just ordered a K31, case of ammo, and placed on layaway an M1911 Karbine. Got to love them Swiss: Swiss chocolate, Swiss women, Swiss gold, Swiss weapons. Anyway, Can anyone tell me where to find info on the 1911? I see loads of stuff on the K31, but little on the '11. Specifically looking for dates of manufacture, safe loading, spares sources. For both: accessories, shooting matches in Co/Wy/Ks/NM? Anything really!

  2. spots, did you buy the rifle from Jensens in Loveland CO? I saw a bunch in there last week. Should have bought one then, ya'know. There is a shmit-ruben socity in california and those boys shoot match with theirs. let me know how your's acts.
  3. Spots

    Spots G&G Newbie

    No, I bought the M1911 from Robs Guns in Aurora. Ordered the K31 there too. Now that you mention this other shop, I'll have to go check it out tomorrow! I think I've gotten that same bug as everyone else when it comes to K31s...It's only a slight mutation of the K98/Enfield/SKS virus. As soon as mine comes in, I'll be training for matches around Colo. Doing a comp with a P17 Enfield for CMP quals later this summer....