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    Hi all. I was seriously contemplating picking up a Swiss K31. Since my interest has been sparked and I have done a little reading here and there online. I have seen mostly good things about it. But I wanted to ask those of you that have had experiences with them whether you like them or not, pros, cons, more desirable, less desirable, prices of the rifles etc.....any relevant information that you guys think I should be informed of.

    I read the thread "you might be a collector if......" and came across the one that was if you buy the ammo before you buy the gun....I almost bought some 7.5x55 Swiss today, but decided it would be most prudent if I was to wait until I make a final decision on the rifle itself. I have checked some out on Gunbroker, and the price doesn't seem too bad. I also read somewhere about the ID tags that were issued with the rifles to the people/soldiers. So what do you guys think?:feedback::feedback: THANKS!!
  2. I have 3 K-31s, each is a mechanical masterpiece. The fit and finish on the Swiss arms is impeccable, these were made prior to CNC machining...I bought them a few years ago and the supplies of them are starting to slow down. I highly recommend a purchase you will not be disappointed.


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    Truly the finest rifles in my collection. The only down size is the cost of ammo. I would not let that be the reason I did not buy one.

    They cannot be scoped in the normal way since the bullet ejects from the top. There is a mount that attaches to the side of the reciever and one that attaches at the rear sight but you must use a long eye relief scope.
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    The triggers are superb - the very definition of "Swiss Precision"!
    The barrels are semi-floating.
    The bores were maintained in impeccable condition - the Swiss troops were very serious about their shooting.
    Even though the sights seem clunky and 'Mauserish' at first, you can shoot excellent 100 yard groups with these rifles!
    The buttstocks are often a bit 'chewed up', because these rifles were used in training, not simply refurbed and warehoused like many Mosins. Though never used in anger, they are truly "Warhorses". :)
    The ammo cost isn't really at all bad - compare it to .308 match ammo! The GP11 Swiss ammo is truly match-grade. It is unfair to compare it to the Soviet surplus stuff - totally different grade and quality! Not made in the vast quanities as other surplus ammo either!
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    Well thanks for the input guys. Just the other thing I should be checking out is the price. What do you guys think is a good range for these guns. Based on things I have seen on the internet a K31 all matching with the soldier's tag between about $200-$250ish kinda factoring in % bluing and stock shape, as well as type of wood used for the stocks? I have seen a few in the $300 range. Then more expensive ones out of my price range I didn't even bother to look at.

    I'd be out about $300 if I pick the one up I found on gunbroker after shipping and the FFL transfer. I suppose I should look in on a C&R ASAP. I don't plan to stop after this one. But there is a gun show in town in Centralia next weekend, so I think I'll go down there and check it out I suppose see if I find anything.
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    I got mine from classicarms for like 235 shipped, with handpicked and troop id tag. Bore and bluing in great condition, stock wasn't as bad as I was told to expect. I refinished mine and it looks quite nice. Ammo isn't too bad, comes in around $.50 per round, shipped. Depends on the kind of course and where you live, but in that neighborhood.

    I just got home from shooting it, amongst other rifles. Shot a nice 3inch group at maybe 150yds, I'll get better though.

    Overall, can't think of a better surplus rifle in that price range. A great addition or even starter weapon. Go for it before there aren't any left!
  7. I do believe that my K31 is my favorite rifle in my collection.
  8. I have 4 K31s and the metal on all 4 is excellent.......including the bores. Some think the supply is drying up but there more available than you might ever want but the prices are going up. The stocks are often pretty beat up for about 4" from the bottom. The walnut stocks I've seen have been in better shape than the ones made of beech. I've never seen a K31 that wasn't all matching except for on of mine with an unnumbered magazine. The original magazine cost is sky high but there are some generics available for less than $20..........I can't comment on the reliability of these mags. I want another 1 or two but I'm going to limit my search to ones with the walnut stocks. $300 should get you a very nice K31. Good luck.
  9. i picked up my k-31 at a gun shoew about 2 yrs. ago for $99.00. a beech stock one made in 1956. touched up the blue and refinished the stock. it's one sweet machine quality thru out. i put a st. marie graphics scope mount on it. and bought a new sling. the ammo is a little pricy but it's top shelf too. as far as bolt action mil. surps. go, the straight pull k-31 is at the top of my list . if you get one be sure to pick up a swiss army knife it fits the screws perfectly.
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    Got one. Am probably buying a second. I even have a customer who owns crates full of them he likes them so much. LOL!

    First, don't get yourself too worked up over the ID tag, they aren't always there. Mine didn't have one.

    Second, prices seem to be going up on these rifles. The surplus is running low on them. So make a decision in the near future (hope to see you join the ranks of K31 owners). I got mine, oh, I guess it's been two years almost now. I paid $189 for the older K31 with the darker stock (the one I wanted, the wood is a little harder... but if I get the second it'll the younger with the beech wood... just because). At the time, the beech stock guns cost $129.

    Third, it is, hands down, the most accurate and most fun rifle I have ever shot, maybe with the exception of my Ruger 10/22.

    Fourth, don't expect ammo to be easy to find. Gun shows will become a major part of your life (as will ordering online, although I haven't done this since I score it at gun shows all the time), and this is the gun that got me into stock piling ammo. I also ration rounds to people who ask to shoot it. Norma makes ammo but you'll dish out major bucks for it. Prvi Partisan makes ammo that doesn't cost a lot and is ok for playing around, but don't use it for any competition shooting or even for sighting a scope. Haven't tried Wolf's offering. And I've heard Hornady makes ammo, but I've never seen it. If you can score some surplus ammo, go for it. You can usually find someone selling reloads for it, but I won't shoot other people's reloads (and I don't reload myself). You may want to look into reloading yourself. I bring this up only because I have now witnessed two occassions where people flipped out because WalMart didn't carry the ammo.

    That's about it. I adore my K31, it is still high and above my favorite rifle. If you get a chance to shoot one before buying one, take the chance, but be aware you'll have one of your own soon after. That's what got me interested in the K31.
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    Excellent. There is a gun show in Centralia this weekend. Its not as big as the WAC gun shows I go to, but hoping to come across at least something. I would prefer the dark stock, but I guess if I get one, I might have to get another with the light stock. So I am excited for the weekend. I found some of the 7.5x55 in a magazine, Swiss loaded, non corrosive stuff. Looked to be a pretty good deal, but I didn't have the gun yet. I should have bought it, but owell. Hopefully it will still be there. Anyways, thanks for the input.
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    We want pictures when you finally get your new baby!

    Yeah, best to stay away from the corrosive stuff. The K31 will put up with a lot of things, but not corrosive ammo unless you clean it out right away. I figure, mine is 72 years old this year... he's lived this long, now he gets nothing but the best.
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    I love my Swiss, I had my local dealer order one from J&G and its a dandy, the trigger is like a match gun and they are built like a watch. I think you will love it I would gladly tell anyone to buy one.
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    I bought my first K-31 over a year ago and was impressed with the precision and workmanship used in its design and manufacture. Like they say, it's made with the precision of a Swiss watch. Then, when I took it to the range, I was hooked! Absolutely amazing accuracy with open sights. Yeah, the stocks can be a little chewed up but that's because of the way they were carried and used. And I even found the previous owners "name tag" under the butt plate, along with the address and troop ID!

    Needless to say, I've since bought 2 more to add to my collection. You will NOT be dissappointed by purchasing one! The prices are going up rapidly and availability is getting thin so don't wait too long. There are still some dealers via Internet that are advertising them for $199.00 so you may want to consider that option first, although a decent one at a gun show for $250 wouldn't be a bad deal at all.

  15. I am looking at buying another one in the very near future. Very smooth operator. Most sophisticated and advanced (ahead of its time even) of all my bolt actions in my opinion.
    Just get one.
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    I have yet to find one at the gun show I was at the other weekend. I will now have to wait until later this month to go to a bigger and better one. And hopefully as well by the end of the month, I will have my C&R. So if I can't find one at the gun shows, might have to resort to online searching. So if anyone knows any good places to check out besides gunbroker, because I have scoured that pretty well so far, I would be obliged to investigate :)
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    My post mirrored Big Dog's comments almost exactly, so I erased. I would check out J&G for K31's. My K31 is more accurate than I am! Second only to my Swedes, LOL !
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    Well I checked out J&G, and I didn't find any K31s in my looking:/ But, they do have a good deal on Hex-receiver 91/30s for those that are interested. I think I will be, but I will wait for my C&R to arrive first, and hopefully by that time, I will be making more money too.
  19. Isn't that the truth!!!
    After I pay off the credit card from my Russian SKS purchase, I am gonna go right back and charge it up again with either a Garand or SVT40 or whatever I can get my hands on!!!
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