K31's at great prices

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    WOW! Those are some good deals! Many have the troop tag, and are excellently priced. Amazing opportunities for those that don't have a K31 that do want one! Thanks for the post, I might be thinking about my 3rd K31 now!

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    Yeah I am on his email list and Alan has been teasing me with these very nice K-31's that he has been listing. It was tough but I had to chose for right now between a K-31 or a CZ-82 pistol. The pistol will be here Friday from AIM handpicked of course.:veryhappy: There seems to be alot of K-31's around right now so I'll have to wait about a month but it is definetely next on my hit list!

  3. Me too, of course this would happen right after I have dedicated myself to 2 G3 parts kits, I can't win them all but I can share what I know with friends and family.

    Honestly I am a rifle guy and the K31 is one of my faves but I would say jump on those cz82's don't see them being a 200 dollar gun in the near future!
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    Man, I'd sure like to make a trip to FL and look 'em over in person. I hate to buy things like that blind, I want to see 'em first. Much too far away though.
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    I hear you rondog. I a case like this I would make a post asking about other people's experience in dealing with them. I myself have spoken to him on the phone to ask a few questions. They were very polite and pleasant and answered all of my questions. I believe other have posted being satisfied with the rifles the have recieved from Allan's if I am not mistaked

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    My concern isn't about the dealer, I'd just like to be able to fondle them all to pick out the one I want. I'm goofy that way.
  7. Well at least with Allans you can click on the picture link, most of the other dealers just say VG to EXC or something like that then they charge you extra to hand pick.
    which still seems a bit of Roulette no matter what, but for less than 2 bills for a real decent gun I think taking them apart and cleaning and detailing is just part of the whole experience.
    I go to Cabelas time and again were every once in awhile they have a K31, the quality usually isn't too bad but the price reflects it too.
    These have leveled back down a little, thanks goodness we have most of the imports so our dear Prez doesn't shoot these down such as he did with the importation of the M1 Garands recently..
    cuz we know how da gangstas love to shoot the K31's and M1 Garands Yo!

    Ok I digress!
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    That was my thinking on that also Buddy. I do not even own a single pistol right now. I really wanted to add a K-31 to the mil-surp collection but for $219 bucks I do not think you can buy a nicer pistol than a CZ-82. The darn UPS driver waited until I was in the shower to come knocking and I found the sticker on the door 15 minutes after I got out saying sorry missed you will be back on Monday!:17: To add insult to injury he did leave me the two boxes of the Brown bear 9X18 hollow points!:chairshot:

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    Well that figures.every time I buy something thinking that this will be the last time I will find one at a reasonable price,another place has them for way less.
    I did notice that he did not have to many walnut stocks available though.
    Now that's not to say that the beech stocks aren't nice,it just seems that they are a little more beat up down towards the butt of the stock and are hard to clean up.
    My first K31 was beech and I really wasn't to fond of it.I'm much happier with my walnut stock though.I like the look of darker wood.

    The price however seems real low.I wonder if he is undercutting other distributors,or he got a real good deal on them?
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  10. I guess we all have a sickness here, at least they are still worth money if not more after buying them.
    I don't think handguns in general are going to be easy to get so good move there!
    I don't know what it is about getting gun stuff to the door without an issue but my goodness its a pain!
    It's pretty bad when even your wife notices it.
  11. Around here you can't touch a K31 for under 300.00. Back when I bought mine I paid 122.00 for both a Walnut and a Beech stocked version, both having the troop tags. I killed 2 deer with the Walnut stocked one and gave the Beech stocked on to my dad. So I figure at this point they are paying us to keep them.
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    Man, that guy has nice rifles and prices!
  14. This is one reason of many to get your C&R license, if you qualify to own a gun and pass a purchase background check, you qualify for a C&R.
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    There's a local feller that has a K31 for sale, supposed to be 1937 vintage, for $250. He sent me photos but I haven't called him yet, would this be worth looking into? I figure that with cost, plus shipping and FFL fee, I'd probably be ahead to buy FTF over ordering one online that I can't even look at first. Thoughts?
  16. I would say it is a great chance to for a great purchase, you get to inspect it FTF that is rare!, the other issues with FFL fees and of course the waiting sure makes up for any gap as far as I am concerned, but then I am am always looking for my next one one way or the other, if you are pretty limited on funds and space though one thing I have noticed is I have to buy many more extras when I buy from a non dealer, such as muzzle covers,cleaning kits, rifle slings etc. but then again I have like three extra slings waiting for my next deal.
    K31's are known for there nice bores and metal looking pretty good, don't take less than that if you can help it, it would not be worth it if it was a rare rusty or pitted one, it does happen from time to time, usually because of the home it came from not the surplus circuit.
  17. I have purchased two rifles from Allan's and am happy with both purchases. Both were 100% as described - he is not prone to hyping things, rather he simply states what is.

    I've also noted recently that prices on K31s have dropped - for a while they were $300 plus. Now I am seeing them on several sites for less than that. Good time to buy if you are looking for one.
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    Yes I do like the way he lists his rifles individually and the same goes for Pat Burns too. No grab bag rifles or pistols or $10 dollar hand select fees like some of the high volume dealers. You get the exact rifle in the picture. I have bought firearms from AIM but I prefer to deal with the smaller dealers like Allan's and Pat Burns.