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  1. I picked up a nice K98 8MM today. It has several German markings on the stock, receiver and bbl. It has 3 eagles in a vertical row on the butt stock.........made almost invisible by the heavy finish put on at the armory I guess. The metal is a dull black including the bolt but when I cleaned the bolt that finish washed off and the bolt is a decent blue. The stock finish is cracked and flaking off...........probably shellac. What would take the finish off best without harming the stock? Dated 1937..........same as me:scool::scool:
  2. With the finsh seeming to be a shellac, I'm thinking about the only way to remove it would be to lightly sand it off, but I have bee wrong before so I would wait for a few other guys to chime in before running off and taking my advice. lol Some one else may have a way that is less abrasive incase you're wanting to keep as much charchter marks and/or stamp marks as possible. Good luck, and if possible, let's see some pictures ofthe old girl!

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    Denatured alchohol, rags, and some elbow grease will strip that nasty Russian shellac right off, without harming those markings.
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    Russian shellac? Try using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner if you want to strip down to bare wood.
  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I tried some denatured alcohol and had some success but it required a lot of scrubbing.........."furniture refinisher" worked the best but I'm out and am thinking that some "generic" solvent like acetone might work. Judging from how far I got with the furniture refinisher I need at least 2 cans. I've had very good success with oven cleaner but never on a stock with lightly struck markings like this one has. As I mentioned mineral spirits took all of the flat finish off the bolt even tho I wasn't trying to but it has little effect on the receiver and bbl. There is some pitting on the bbl. that they coverd over during the rebuild..I'd like to expose the metal because I'd rather have it in the white than to have it covered up. A collector of K98s suggested steel wool and mineral spirits. I'll let you know how it turns out............pictures? I can take pictures but have no idea of how to post them.:):)
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    go to photobucket.com and that will do the trick for ya.
  7. Thanks roadie.......I'll take a look.

    I had to resort to ovencleaner to get the shelac or whatever coating was on the stock off. I bought some ZEP at Home Depot. Seems to do a better job than Easy Off. It looks nice except for some parallel marks equi distant apart maybe 1/64" in a few places and I can't figure out what caused them.
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  8. I use a mild citrus stripper from Home Depot. Then use liseed oil, then tru-oil or tung oil. The tru-oil has a darker color to it than tung. look at my album called Latest project which just needs a couple more coats of tung oil. its a laminated K98 stock which was black between the cosmo and the shellac, before I started. my other albums are also pics of stocks I have or will be starting. I use scotch-brite to strip and between coats of finish I don't use sand paper or steel wool.
  9. Nice looking work on your stocks.

    My "nice" K98 turned out to be not so nice. The stock will look good after a couple more coats of oil. It's walnut and turned dark with just the BLO but I'm not going to make it look new. The action is a different story. The local dealer got in several of these Mausers from Lew Horton and LH described them in excellent condition. As I mentioned when I cleaned the bolt with MS all the flat black coating dame off and the bolt underneath was a nice blue. I cleaned all the grease off the barrel/receiver and some of the flat black coating came off but instead of blue I found rust and pitting. The inside of the barrel is ok and every thing else seems to work like it's sposed to. It's probably not a total loss but I spent more $$ for a K98 than I would have for a better one elsewhere. My dealer is an honest man and I know he would have told me and the other buyer if he'd known. The finish looked very good until I cleaned the #*@^#@*^@ing thing! Lesson learned.