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    Ok guys, no more messing around, or driving poor Papa G crazy.

    I know for a fact the K98K will handle the 06 conversion. Match barrels are $100. Drop it in, and bed it. I can make me a shooter.

    Why, because I can! Had a Springfield, and Enfield. I found several head to head comparisions. The 98K is a better building platform.

    All you guys that have them, Who 98K series do you prefer?
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    you ain't driving me crazy, i took the bus,hahahaha!!! i just don't want to see you get hurt, at least until i buy stock in Johnson&Johnson:rolleyes: :D

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    well for an -06 you need a full length action, the mediums wont cut it. so i would say an early war (pre '42)k98k, or an argentine 1909, the 1909 has a hinged floorplate-nice start for a custom rifle.
  4. Tony @ WCG

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    Quality, quality, quality. For this look at materials used, machining and heat treatment. The best are the pre 1943 K98k actions and the CZ VZ-24. These used better quality steel than the earliers ones and had advanced heat treat used on their manufacturing. The Yugo Model 1924 is also a fine action but not suitable for '06 length cartridges. Earlier receivers are well fit and finished but lack the later heat treat and thus are not suitable for magnum conversions. These early ones are usable in the 30-06 builds.

    Match grade barrel blanks are more than $100. In barrels you get what you pay for generally. Just because the makers or sellers tell you it is match grade doesn't mean it is. You can not get a blank from Douglas XX A.G., Shilen Select Match or Pac-Nor Match blank for that little of scratch.

    Mausers do make a fine building platform for a custom rifle as long as the parts used are quality items. Be sure to square the receiver ring, lap the lugs, square the bolt face, pillar bed the action and do quality machining to the barrel. I have several cusatom mausers that shoot consistantly in the .350" range (3 shots, handloads, hunting bullets...not match bullets) and I have a couple that will shoot in the .100"s. Have fun and be safe.


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    My 98 has a "54" on the left of the front reciver ring, it has a "i" right below that. The tops have been covered with scope bases.


    How safe is this action for making a big boomer out of it?

    I was thinking of a 375/06, a 458 win mag, or a 375x2.5" mag.
    Something on that order.
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    I found two VZ-24s for $150 each. I thought it was to much for them.

    Brownells sell the Shilen Select Match Air Gap short chambers for $101.

    I drove 250 mile round trip to go to two gun shows in the nearby state. Meet some real nice guys. Two builders told me to go with a P-17 Enfield and abandon the K98K idea.

    A smith friend has two P-17 receivers he will give me, along with a stainless, fluted, target barrel. I found a Fajen stock that fits the P-17.

    Hey Papa G, next stop P-17 forum!
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    Hud, you have a BRNO made 98 mauser action. From the side rail address, it appears to be a post WWII made model. The BRNO actions are well known for their quality though the post war models are usually machined a little more rough than pre WWII models. The action is a fine specimin to use for 375/06, 375/338, 416 Taylor, 458, etc but there are modifications that are needed to be made. The belted mags (and other fat cases) need the rails opened up alond with the bolf face and extractor. The magazine now is 3.315" inside length and needs extended to 3.4" (30-06 length). The 35 Whelen and 375/06 would need not much more than lengthening the magazine box (and reworking the ramp to match). If having it made into a magnum, that really is a job for the professional who has the experience and tools for a proper job. Have fun. Ohhh, the 98 mauser with it's hard hitting firing pin stroke are known to set back the shoulders (on impact) on the 375/06 and even the 35 Whelen cases, improved cases with their steeper shoulder angle will usually prevent this from happening.