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Kahr cw45

Discussion in 'Kahr' started by slrassoc, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. slrassoc

    slrassoc G&G Addict

    Just ordered one. Don't need another gun but ordered it in a weak moment. You know what those are.


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  2. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    Nice looking piece. Looking forward to the range report.

  3. slrassoc

    slrassoc G&G Addict

    Now I know why KAHR'S cost a little more. I picked her up today and every square inch of her is flawless. No booger marks anywhere.
  4. blat

    blat G&G Addict

    I had one awhile back, and it was reliable and accurate and pretty easy to conceal.Had a P9 and now a PM9, same performance. Kahr is a good choice.I want a P380, and people in hell want out; hopefully, my want will be easier to realize!
  5. delford

    delford G&G Regular

    Do you think there's enough difference in quality to chose the CW45 over the PM45? Looking forward to your range report. (or not seeing how this thread is getting gray hair :)
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  6. slrassoc

    slrassoc G&G Addict

    They are the same gun. CW45 has less machinging cuts on slide which only affects cosmetics. CW45 has polimer sights as opposed to steel and ships with only 1 magazine. P45 is a waste of money.

  7. Nah, The CW series are affordable.
  8. cjk-

    cjk- G&G Newbie

    I recently purchased a CW45. So far-so good! Just had two partially FTE's in the first 50 rds. Will have more time to shoot more this weekend. Carries really good in kydex holster, forgot it was even there! Haven't tried the 7 rd. mag. yet,either! So little time,so much work! Oh well. I plan on installing the trijicon night sights, offered by kahr also. Hope you like yours as much as I do!