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    I was reading about Kahr leaving the state of New York today and I learned an interesting piece of trivia:

    Kahr is owned by Kook-Jin Justin Moon, a son of Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
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  3. I think they are coming to Tx.
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    All I know is they make good pistols. That's about where my knowledge ends.
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    Kook, as you refer to him, INVENTED several things about the little Kahr's.
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    I really like my CW9 !! JR
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    They own a lot of businesses and are involved in much outside of business.

    From the Wiki entry portion about their companies:

    The Unification Church and church members own a number of businesses in various countries. In Eastern Europe Unification Church missionaries are using the church's business ties to win new converts. David Bromley, a sociologist at Virginia Commonwealth University, said: "The corporate section is understood to be the engine that funds the mission of the church. The wealth base is fairly substantial. But if you were to compare it to the LDS Church or the Catholic Church or other churches that have massive landholdings, this doesn't look on a global scale like a massive operation."
    • AmericanLife TV cable television network formerly owned by the Unification Church.
    • Cheongshim Hospital, Korean hospital.
    • Il hwa Company, South Korean based producer of ginseng and related products.
    • Isshin Hospital, Church sponsored hospital in Japan which practices both modern and traditional Asian medicine.
    • International Oceanic Enterprises Inc.
    • International Seafood of Alaska
    • Kahr Arms
    • Master Marine, shipbuilding and fishing company in Alabama.
    • National Hospitality Corporation.
    • News World Communications is an international media company owned by the church. It owns the United Press International (UPI), The World & I, the Middle East Times, the Paraguayan newspaper Tiempos del Mundo, Segye Ilbo, Segye Times USA, Chongyohak Shinmun, Sekai Nippo, GolfStyles, and the World Peace Herald.
    • News World Media Development, owner of The Washington Times since 2010.
    • New Yorker Hotel
    • The Washington Times newspaper in Washington, D.C.
    • Pyeonghwa Motors, an auto manufacturing company in North Korea.
    • Tongil Group, South Korean commercial conglomerate. ("Tongil" is Korean for "unity" or "unification".)
    • True World Foods, which runs a major portion of the sushi trade in the United States.
    • USP Rockets LLC, a real estate development firm in the United States.
    • U.S. Property Development Corporation, real estate investment.
    In the United States the church owns fishing interests. The biggest are in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Alaska and Alabama. In Kodiak, Alaska the church "runs a fleet of fishing boats ... [and is] the largest private employer" in Kodiak.