Kalifornia Nixes Family Holidays

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Huey Rider, Oct 26, 2020.

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  3. TXplt

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    Is there anyone who actually would do or buy into that crap ?

    For me, it's pretty far into NFW territory. Like way goofy NFW territory.

    I mean, seriously, a newspaper article plugging it with real words and prose. YGBSM.

    "Ya.....we're not gonna do that."
  4. Big Dog

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    Simple fix. Have the family gathering at the home of a family member in a Free State. Buy all food, supplies, etc. outside Commiefornia - deny them the money and taxes.
    And, get that barstage tool Newsome OUT OF OFFICE!
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  5. bobvonb

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    Comrade Gov is certifiable
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    We stopped baking turkeys for the most part. They get FRYED most often now.
  8. neophyte

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    Huey Rider: Sir; from a May article. Power taken is Power monger.
    Determined to keep in order


    What Autocrat, Dictator or Tyrant has Ever Willingly Given Up One-Man Rule?

    The Legislature has authority to terminate the Gov. Newsom’s emergency powers

    By Katy Grimes, May 25, 2020 2:10 am

    The Legislature recessed and left town, leaving Californians with Gov. Newsom and his newly found powers.

    Under California’s state-of-emergency rules, on March 4, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom was the first governor to declare a state of emergency, elevating him to complete autocratic control. Since then, Governor Newsom has issued 39 Executive Orders, unilaterally changing 200 laws spanning most sections of the California code,” Assemblymen Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) and James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) informed us last week. “This includes creating new voting laws for an election six months away and overhauling Workers’ Compensation rules.”

    The governor’s emergency powers were only supposed to last for two months. Knowing this, the Legislature agreed and authorized $1 billion for Newsom to use during the emergency for issues relating to the coronavirus. Then the Legislature recessed and left town, leaving Californians with Newsom and his newly found powers.

    In doing so, the Legislature also abdicated any balance of power.
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    With regard to the government in Commiefornia, this cautionary song:

    And yes, I am being intentionally insulting to Newsom and his leftist zombies in Commiefornia.
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    I wish the state legislature had the authority to terminate Gavin Newsom.
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  11. Huey Rider

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    Whitmer tried to remain a tyrant here in Michigan and the legislature took her powers away from her. Doesn’t hurt that the GOP has majority rule.
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    worth reading. recall.


    Lead Proponent
    Orrin was born and raised in Folsom, where he and his family still reside today. The first years of his professional life were spent helping manage a small family business. In 1991 he left the business to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

    Orrin recently retired after serving 25 years as Sergeant with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. During his career, he played an instrumental role in the management of nearly every team and division within the department. Most notably, he was a founding member and lead Negotiator in charge of the department Crisis Response and Hostage Negotiations Team. Orrin also took special interest in mental health awareness and suicide prevention


    Critical UPDATE: from Lead Proponent Orrin Heatlie and the RecallGavin2020 team (October 23, 2020): The RecallGavin2020 legal team, (the Benbrook Law Firm) has filed for an extension to continue gathering signatures. The hearing date is Nov. 6th at 11:00 a.m. This hearing is public and will be broadcast on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQv1lZu_IYNG-kOZcRcWNA/. Since its […]
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    Huey Rider: Sir; the queen is neutered


    She’ll need legislative consent now; one-person governance ends
    By Jack McHugh and Jarrett Skorup [​IMG] | October 2, 2020[​IMG][​IMG]
    The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's emergency orders are illegal and unconstitutional.

    The court ruled 7-0 that the governor “did not have authority after April 30, 2020, to issue or renew any executive orders related to the COVID19 pandemic” under the 1976 Emergency Management Act. That was the date on which the governor’s authority under the act expired, and the Legislature did not assent to an extension.

    Since that date, the governor has rested her authority to issue enforceable executive orders on the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act, which places no time limit on how long she can maintain a state of emergency without legislative consent
  14. Jack Ryan

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    I don't live in Commiefornia.

    What the hell is a "family holiday"?

    What has the government got to do with say who comes to your house on what day? As far as those government declarations of this day or that, I wish they would just outlaw them ALL. You and your own family decide what day and what reason you want to get together. I don't see where the government was ever granted the power to declare the world stays home this day or that and people get paid to stay home because one or the other is something special to THEM.

    If it is all that special to ya, then you gonna tell me ONE DAY'S pay is going to nix it all? If that is the case it don't sound all that special to me.
  15. PaleHawkDown

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    I can't wait until we get a little closer to Christmas, and CNN and MSNBC start doing their "There is no war on Christmas" shtick, as Democrat governors decide to ban Christmas gatherings.
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  16. BigEd63

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    How about everyone just tell these state tyrants to pound sand and ignore bull crap like this?

    The hell what Noisome wants!
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  17. runfiverun

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    California doesn't charge sales tax on food.
    it's the only thing they don't tax.
  18. Jack Ryan

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    Just quit ASKING PERMISSION for every freaking thing. I can't believe the crap people THINK they have to have some government hacks permission for any more. Don't ask and they never get the idea to start with that they can tell you know.
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  19. TXplt

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    Ya know, that's not a bad way to live and through this thing I've embraced it.

    I don't need YOUR PERMISSION or authorization to do XXX. In fact, I reject the premise completely.

    Having lived a life where I've made a living using other peoples stuff as tools to provide commercial services, I know when I need someone's authorization and when I don't. If I'm using their train set then I play by their rules. But they don't get to tell me how to play with MY train set.
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  20. Jack Ryan

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    I built that bridge in my driveway about 10 years ago and I couldn't believe all the freaking people who asked who you get permission to build that from or what permits you need.

    Now I've had a "new" neighbor for 2 or 3 years. He looks at mine and first thing he says is asking who to need to ask to build that. No one. So next thing is out talking to the county commissioner, talking to the county road people, going around asking if there are government grants. I JUST BUILT THAT TEN YEARS AGO? WHY did you ask if you don't believe me? I KNOW, I just did exactly what you asked me. Don't go asking all those hacks for permission, they don't have a clue. Probably not a one of them has ever poured a yard of concrete for their self. NO ONE ELSE but YOU is going to pay for YOUR bridge on YOUR property.

    "Well I just thought..."

    Just a few days ago he is over here asking "Is there a rule or requirement for how high you need a back stop for shooting in to?" NO, don't go asking every one in the county either. If one bullet leaves your own property, no matter WHERE it goes, you are responsible for what it does. When you are shooting/building that back stop just ask your self if you would do that toward your own house, because every direction from right here that you look there is SOMEONE'S house eventually.

    It is funny the looks you get from back yard shooters when you ask them if they would be willing to turn that target range around and shoot in to the same back stop if it were 10 feet in front of their own house instead of shooting AWAY from their house toward someone else's house.