Kamala Harris says she might confiscate 10 illion guns

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    I doubt they have the anti American/Constitution henchmen to make it far in such a move that would in my opinion be found illegal by citizens and courts.
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    if we have to resort to making "guerilla guns" to take our Country back, it will be too late!!! everyone needs to grow a pair and nip this insurgency in the bud! as much as I hate to say it, I hope this b.s. comes to a head after the election and we cure the problem once and for all! its gotten real and the time for pussyfooting around the problem is over. the left is way more organized than most of us think they are. they are NOT playing games, they are dead serious about Marxism taking us over! voting is still necessary but will not (and has not) stop the problem. its time to show the true meaning of the Second Amendment!:mad::usa2:
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  3. jerry

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    I’ve had a good full life. I’ll just leave it there.

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  4. Ten Man

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    The "henchmen" will NOT be local LEOs. They are too "mixed" in allegiance to be counted on across the board.

    The "henchmen" WILL be UN foreign troops, (sans Robin's Egg Blue helmets, which make too easy targets). Foreign troops will have NO mixed feelings about attacking American citizens.
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  5. jerry

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    And vice versa

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  6. blue fox

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    Right there with ya brother.
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  7. mitchr

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    "Buy back"?? I don't know 'bout you folks, but the cheapest gun in my safe is worth a cool $1 million!:rolleyes:
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  8. Rocky7

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    And, I might add, think about what happens if everyone stays quiet....and alone.

    You can't "buy back" something you didn't sell in the first place. It's confiscation.
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  9. TXplt

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    I wouldn't get too paranoid about it in that most of us have a gazillion 4473's on file anyway.

    So that's probably a starting point if it comes to a gun grab.

    Now, ya might not want to go into specifically what's where (including YOU if things get to the point that gun rights get more threatened) and some other things.

    But I think there is value in getting a plan and philosophy together with like minded people. One of the great sources of hope for all kinds of things is that you are NOT alone and there are others who have been on a journey similar to yours. And will be alongside as that journey moves forward.

    Divide and conquer is a major tenet of the communist threat we now face. We've done nothing wrong; no need for whispers in the dark. One of the first psychological tricks they use is to goad people into believing they ARE doing something wrong when they've done the right things all along (the mask paradigm is a good example of this; there's no benefit to wearing an unsterilized ineffective cloth mask and it may well make things worse (making someone else 'feel good' because of THEIR baseless irrational fears is an ultimate form of insanity). But now people who recognize the facts and truths--and refuse to buy into some insane propaganda--are now branded as pariahs. It's been the same with religion in some schools; there's no shame in faith yet some kids are reluctant to discuss their faith and belief in God because authority figures say it's wrong).

    So stand proud my friend.
  10. BigEd63

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    I refuse to go through the living hell of communism that many of my Polish relatives didn't make it through.

    They want to do a major violation of the Bill of Rights then their oath and contract with the citizens of the USA is null and void as far as I'm concerned.

    Between this and the BLM/ANTIFA crowd you think being a law abiding Dudely Doright/Ned Flanders gun owner is going to do you any good?
    If so may as well reserve your spot on the cattle car to the Gulag right now.
    I know these may belong more in a certain picture thread but sometimes a pic is worth a thousand words:
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  11. rando

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  12. rando

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    Another thing besides the thinking we did something wrong is the neighbors and friends turning against you. Like in many other communist countries and also mid eastern countries you simply get turned in by a neighbor. Then they come and get you and take you away. Causes fear too to where there is no trust and cant trust anyone. People stop talking to each because of fear. Just like we already had issues past months where neighbors calling the law on others for not wearing masks or having too much company in their property and so forth.
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  13. rando

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    Ten Man you are exactly right. This has been the talk since Obama was in office both terms. Many were talking back then about our own troops being sent to our houses or to civil unrest to stop us from protecting our rights. I told many back then that they will bring foreign trained troops and house them here in the states. They are getting paid and in their countries they don't have any jobs and that is why they joined the military. They don't care about us or our ways. We are not one of them and they would have no issue even killing us. I have been thinking for years now that this is already in process somewhere and have so many troops trained and ready. That sounds like our US government.
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  14. Rave

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    BLM is making their move now,vote to help stop them. :usa2::mad:
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  15. TXplt

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    I guess that's the scariest thing I've seen over the last 6 months or so. It's almost like I'm on the outside looking in on a bizarro world gone nuts. Doing rituals with little effectiveness for a threat that IS there, but there no more significant than a million OTHER threats. It's just that this ONE threat has been marketed and hyped into scaring the hell out of some people and they actually believe the propaganda that's been spun at them.

    Absolutely Orwellian. And it's not just statists and the like I've seen--some close friends and relatives just consumed over their fears of WuFlu--otherwise intelligent and rational people. But making some incoherent decisions and hiding under the bed. Wearing some form of rag over their mouth which does nothing then taking it off ten feet later to sit down to eat. It's almost like they LIKE to get together all masked up or spread apart and relish in their fear.

    In a way it's a blessing in that we've gotten a glimpse into how people react out of fear and fear of the unknown.

    I get it -- at the initial stages of this thing we had absolutely no idea what kind of a threat we were facing. Carnage out of China (who'd LIKE their older population and a few dissidents culled--and lies about everything), no real data--is this some superbug or what ? So we needed to figure out what we got.

    And what did we get ? The flu. A fairly contagious but not particularly deadly form of the flu. Nothing more or less. Now it DOES target some medical conditions and age groups with higher degrees of mortality on a significant gradient -- something to tailor a response towards -- but not the end of the world zombie apocalypse it was made out to be. If a 74 year old fat guy (in not particularly great shape) can get it and back full up at work in a couple of days (granted he did get good care) how much of a threat is it really to that demographic ?

    What was our response ? Coercion. Immediate coercion and forced shutdowns. That's kind of the point I started to suspect things were going off the rails and there might be a bit more to this (and a bunch of agendas). IF we face a bona-fide threat then you don't need alot of COMPULSION to get people to do the right thing. It kinda stands on its merits. The shutdowns did (and continue to do) great harm and then came the kids coming back from school (infecting parents/grandparents to whom this might well be a significant threat) as well as the nursing home debacle (where we killed thousands of older folks FROM our reaction--now granted some might have been on the edge anyway and ANY bug might've pushed them over. Then again, WuFlu CAN be fairly contagious). So when the coercive forces acted, it was pretty much ALL wrong. Then came the masks and lines on the stores, etc. Tracking devices and quarantines. All the 1984 stuff.

    And out of their fears, many complied right up to the point of the 'forced simultaneous consumption' angle of ostracizing those who DIDN'T share their fear. Who refused to get caught up into their scary paradigm that they embraced. Claiming (baselessly) that such a person put EVERYONE at risk due to the 'science' (which they had no idea regarding the facts of and merely parroted sound bytes from propaganda designed to scare the hell out of everyone).

    So we all know how Germany did what they done; we've lived it over the past 6 months or so. THIS is how it happens. Only there's was worse--they were in the middle of a socioeconomic collapse brought on from a bunch of factors post WW1 and people had trouble getting the simple survival elements of life. And those present day Karens/Kathys may honestly (in their self-righteousness) believe they're acting in the common/collective good. Which should show a person the danger of the collective. If it gets a vector in the wrong direction (especially when fueled with propaganda and juggled numbers and no critical analysis) it can head down that path REALLY quickly.

    Doubt you are getting propaganda ? "Mostly Peaceful Protests" vs. violent riots. Industries buying into a racist BLM wokeness when the entire marxist organization was based on a lie. People really buy into this crap and act on it.

    Most of being a pilot is managing risk; if you never took a calculated risk you'd never fly. So I was never want to either overstate or understate the risk looking at the larger picture. Do I make mistakes ? Hell yeah. But for the BIG ones, I'm still here after 30+ years of doing this (at times having DONE some pretty risky stuff driven by a situation). So I don't take a threat lightly nor do I overstate it. The feckless reaction by little tyrants and the collective branding has done nothing to help the situation and has done great harm. Many of us had it pegged from the start.

    To your point, it's entirely correct. The shift will be to paint the self-sufficient rugged individualist who chooses to be armed with the tools to deal with life's situations as this complete nutjob who's a danger to himself and others and the collective utopia (the statists have tried this on multiple occasions with Trump--and have gotten a degree of TDS to be bought into by otherwise somewhat rational people. We all probably have friends who've run off the rails in this direction). Much like folks rejecting the WuFlu nonsense were subject to a 'turn him in' line (where the people doing so were believing to be acting in the common good--much like citizens of Germany thought it was their civic duty to identify Jews to the authorities). We're probably just a propaganda step away from this heading towards us who choose to be able to defend ourselves. My thoughts were that the American people were too smart to buy into this crap -- but what happened during the WuFlu didn't exactly give me much confidence in this fact. Now on the plus side there are millions of new citizens willing to defend themselves and gun sales reflect this.

    So we'll see. If things head off the rails, timing will become important and that's really tricky. The key thing is that the left WILL try a 'divide and conquer' approach--trying to pick people off by isolation. So it's a good time to be vigilant and reject the narrative while you still can.

    Propaganda works--for years I didn't want to accept this fact but it's true.
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    There's nothing illegal about building your own personal firearm's. It only becomes illegal if you build and sell them without having a FFL license.
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