Katherine Harris snubbed

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Rave

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    I saw in the paper where a restaurant was having Newt Gengriech as a speaker and Katherine Harris showed up and was told she could not attend as she didn't have a ticket,even though there were empty seats.
    Now I feel that she should not only be allowed to attend but she should be given the front row center seat!
    If it weren't for her Gore would probably be president now!This is the kind of crap that really erks me,someone does so much,is crucified by the liberal press,bails our b***s out of the fire,and then is treated like some second class citizen...I would expect the democrats to give her a hard time after what she did,but there is no excuse for her to be treated that way by a group having Newt as a speaker!
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    Rave - Katherine Harris is a Democrat, and she used their standard practices in her decisions. She may be one of the few Democrats that had some sense in this past Presidential election.

    I would think that Newt would have made a place for her up close, too.

  3. Rave

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    I don't care if she is a Democrat,she did more for us at the moment of truth than all the big shot snivveling republicans did.
    i doubt that Newt even knew what happened until it was over,although it might not have made any difference anyway.
    This all happened at Sarasota,Florida at the Tiger Bay Club where the club President Marj Baldwin said"To assume that her fame and wealth would get her a ticket from Washington D.C.,she certainly made a big mistake here.
    Now if Harris didn't do what she did those,and I use the Quote in the article"those politicians and Sarasota County movers and shakers" might not be so proud of themselves if gore was president now,some of them might not have a job and surely most of them would not be such arrogent little P****ants,at least in my opinion.RAVE,RAVE:nod: :nod: :nod:
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    Just a note Harris is a Republican not a democrat. One hint might be that she was on Bush's side, another would be she defeated a dem in the 98 election for Fl. Sec. of State.

    TALLAHASSEE - Republican Katherine Harris defeated Democrat Karen Gievers in the race for secretary of state in early returns Tuesday after a bruising campaign.

  5. Rave

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    Thanks Rooster,I needed that! I'll bet that was a bruising election,the media really hates her(I love it),especially after she helped keep the Clinton legacy from continuing for another eight years!
    As far as I am concerned she is a hero,nobody else had the courage to get up on their hind legs and do anything,that's for sure!
    The sniveling Republicans we have representing us did nothing more than whine and wring their collective hands while I and my family and friends jumped up and down in frustration!
    I tell you she has more courage than all those little arrogent P***ants that like to put her down!!
    I am proud of her and I don't care what they say!:nod: :nod: :D
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    I would not say she was snubbed or mistreated, based based on information posted in this thread. Katherine Harris may be a great Republican, but this seems to have been a private event and she does not seem to have bought a ticket, asked for an invitation, or made any kind of arrangements ahead of time. It also seems to me that she would understand this and probably did not take the non-admittance as a mortal insult, like some people make it out to be.
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    Rave - SORRY, I got Katherine Harris confused with the Democrat that had decided to go with the "Butterfly Ballots", which all of the complainers were raising the devil over. Being as to how I am in the PRK, it is a little distant from me, not excusable however. By the way, the "Butterfly Ballots" are still used in at least a few parts of the PRK, and despite that, they do not seem to cause an uproar. It seems that they were chosen for their apparent cost savings, as was the reason in Florida, where they had been in use for quite a while.

    Klaus - I would think that she should be on a "Must Invite List" for any Republican activities in that general region. It seems that the Republicans don't really network very much, and that could be the reason for many problems within the Republican Party. Of course they network for events that include the President, and even in some regions I am sure they do so as a matter of course.
  8. Rave

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    I'm a dyed in the wool Republican,at one time over thirty years ago I voted indepently,but soon learned that the party puts pressure on the individual and to generally vote for the party plat form,although I will still vote for the odd Democrat if his Republican oponnent has a particularly bad record and he has a good one,which is rather rare.
    I feel that,unfortunitly, the Republican party has reached the point where they take our votes for granted figuring"what are they going to do,vote Democrat if we don't like what they do?"
    I don't think voting Democrat is an option,and unfortunitly There is no other good choice.It looks like they kind of have us over a barrel,that's why I feel they are the lesser of the two evils,they both have the big head and don't seem to really care what we want.
    At least the Republicans are reducing our taxes a little and are not rabid anti-gunners.:fuss: