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    Ok before you all tar and feather me..strik my name from this form and other wise get torked off at me...THIS IS NOT something I wrote.....see the inclosed e-mail address......

    I posted this to let people know what the LEFT is writeing and saying..... This guy defitnly has some strong belifes....

    Keep Left
    Gun Control

    Hey, thanks to all the positive feedback I have recieved about Keep Left. SEND YOUR HATE-MAIL TO [email protected], (Compliments are also welcome) I try to respond to all emails personally

    On to the issues (and man, do I have issues, but that's neither here nor there)

    Ok, first off, you gun nuts really scare the **** out of me. Every one of you I have been unfortunate enough to meet has been paranoid, irrational, and violent, and seem to be the LAST type of person on earth who should own a fire-arm. That said, I don't think anyone should. Private gun-ownership is illegal in Japan, their murder-rate in 1997 was 54. America's murder rate was what, 35,000? Uh, should that tell you something?
    Stop quoting the second ammendment to me. The "right to bear arms and maintain a well regulated militia" is archaic and out-dated. Tell me: WHY do we need militias? Do you really think a group of poorly trained beer-swilling weekend warriors would last three minutes against a real army? Please.
    And that King of England, yeah, that ******* is always trying to tell us what to do. We need our guns to keep him from taxing America to death! Uh, I hate to break it to you, but England could have easily crushed the colonies if they hadn't been too busy contending with Spain and France to really care. And all the millitias in Virginy wouldn't have been able to stop them. Oh...and England isn't trying to tax us can put the guns away.

    Seriously, what do you need a gun for? Hunting? Yeah, cuz that grocery store meat is sure hard to catch. Protection? You're twice as likely to kill a family member than a criminal. Who's protecting your kids from YOU? And as if you could draw a gun, load it, and hit a moving target in time anyway. Recreation? OK, see, that's just an example of tolorated psychosis right there.
    Incidentally, I wonder how you barbarians would feel if you got dropped off on an island to be hunted for sport. I bet you wouldn't enjoy that. You would scream about how unfair and cruel it is to be hunted down when you have no means to fight back. You hunters make me sick.

    There is NO good reason to own a gun. What is it with you people? Is it a power thing? Are you insecure about your penis or something? (Freud would say you were)

    It must be a power thing. You feel angry, helpless and powerless, but that all changes when you pick up a gun. You must feel like God knowing you have the ability to end a life.

    How many innocent people are going to have to die in the name of a pre-revolutionary law? How many people are casualties in a war fought by the same people who scream murder outside abortion clinics? You're all hypocrites and frauds, little boys who want power over a world that grants them none. It's time to grow up.

    I don't understand. But then, perhaps rational, intelligent people truly CAN'T understand the need to own a gun.
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    WHO is paranoid and irrational? Second amendment is outdated? Then I guess the first is too. Japan? Who cares. Do I think a group of patriots would last three minutes against a "real" army,YES I DO. In conclusion,just what planet does this idiot live on?

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    I thought that you were about 250 times more likely to shoot a criminal. Where is this guy getting his "facts" from? As far as Japan, first, they are MUCH smaller than the US, second, there are many types of murder that are not officially considered murder, third, many crimes are not reported to the national government, and lastly, they live in a police state with terrible living conditions and practically no rights.
    PS: On the whole, the entire nation of Japan is neurotic. The whole country still refuses to acknowlege their dishonor in WW2. The also have a deeply ingrained inferiority complex. That is why they try to emulate the Americans that defeated them. This explains their common, though often garbled use of English words. Also most of their comic book and cartoon heros are tall and have round eyes. It also explains their fascination with US artifacts from the 50s. Many restaurants are set up as diners from "Leave it to Beaver". About a quarter of all consumer advertising feature American landmarks, or people who look American. And finally, the Japanese still refuse to admit they are descended from Koreans, who captured the land from the native caucasians (Ainu). I have spent years in Japan, and these are my observations. I am not saying that the Japanese are bad people, but they are strange by our standards.
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    To this Leftist individual's question of why I choose to own a gun, I simply answer - "Because I can." Nuff said.
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    As I recall, a group of patriots armed with little more than hunting rifles DID last a lot longer than 3 minutes against a real army.
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    To quote the guy that wrote the article: "SEND YOUR HATE-MAIL TO [email protected], (Compliments are also welcome) I try to respond to all emails personally"
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    We will see if he's sincere about answering his emails. Just got done emailing him. Will post it if he has the kahunas to answer.
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    Talk about the nuts I guess he doesn't know anything about the history of this Nation and how we were able to keep from being ruled by a corrupt government such as England. The simple answer why I own guns is " Because it is my god given right as written in the constitution."
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    Sounds like this Idiot wants only Police and Criminals to have guns.

    If that were to happen then we would have two Types of criminals

    The Legal ones
    The ilegal ones

    A gun is like a lock: Keeps the honest people honest

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    This guy is just looking for some uneducated moron to write him spouting all kinds of racial and hateful comments so he can show them to his friends and "say see look at these nuts!!!"

    Here is my response:

    Your facts on crime in Japan are fabricated! Where is your source? According to Japan Information Network Statistics there were 64,000+ violent crimes reported in 2000, with 1,391 of them being homicides. While this is much lower in scale than that of the US you must also look at the justice system of the 2 countries. Our form of justice is much more relaxed (sometimes a little too relaxed) than that of japan. Their police departments are permitted more freedom in hunting down and arresting criminals and this is evident by the high rates of conviction usually above 95%(JINS). For our country to be as effective we would need to curtail many of our constitutional freedoms such as: allowing unreasonable search and siezures, allow questioning of prisoners with out attorneys present, repealing the 5th amendment. This I would think is something you would seem to support based on your assertion that the 2nd amendment to the Constitution is outdated.

    Personally I think our criminal justice system is a joke as too many people are being put in jail for offenses that should not be crimes while others are doing only a few years for murder, rape, abuse, etc... The reason we have high rates of crime is due to the violent nature of our society. During the Clinton Admin. violent crime among kids rose to an all time high. The Clinton administration was one of the most gun restrictive administrations ever to control the Nation yet still could not/did not stop violent crime with all of the crime legislation he passed and signed.

    The fact that you do not like guns if fine, but you fail to address the real problem in your article. The gun is an inanimate object which is designed to emit a projectile at a designed velocity. It is capable of no harm. Please get your facts straight before you go name calling and misleading people. It damages your efforts and limits your ability to intelligently argue your point.

    One last question. Have you ever shot a gun? And the reason I own a gun is because the government has shown me that they are ineffective at preventing violent crime. If arming myself and training with my weapon so as to prevent violence acts from happening to me and others around me makes me a paranoid nut then bring on the funny farm! HEHE HAHA HOHO THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY!
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    Ah, I did not even check the guys numbers. How silly of me. Still, my point about the Japanese not classifying some types of murder as murder is correct.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Enlighten us Klaus

    Some murder isn't murder - explain please!

    He doesn't even talk about london's crime rate
  13. Shaun

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    How about Australia's rates quadrupling after they lost their guns. Yet also the mear ownership of firearms in this country by its citizens keeps the continental US from being invaded by other countries (ie..Japan WW2)
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    OK, Phacopsrana. A relatively common murder that is considered suicide is when a Japanese man murders his family, then commits suicide. The Japanese consider murder-suicides just to be suicide for everyone involved, even if evidence shows that the family members tried to escape.
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    I think my signiture says it all! enough said.
  16. Calvin

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    After reflecting a little more, I am reminded of a phrase Robin Williams used in "Good Morning, Vietnam" that pretty much describes this antagonist.
    "You're in more dire need of a blowj*b than any other white man in history."
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    Here's the response I got back from this guy. Sorry for the blurbs, but this is how I got it.

    Nice Speech. You're very good at faking civility while insulting me under the table.&nbsp; Have the conviction to at least do it to my face.&nbsp; Also, explain how I'm violent.&nbsp; Angry, yeah.&nbsp; Out spoken, hell yes, but violent?&nbsp; You don't see me reveling in the destruction of life.&nbsp; You don't see me justifying mass murder with a flag.&nbsp; Your description of me as violent is more insulting than any of your snide little witicisms.</DIV>

    And I do respect veterans, just not nationalism.&nbsp; As for my facts, neither of ours is likely to be 100 percent accurate since I go by leftist propaganda and you go by right wing.&nbsp; But both of us choose to believe our own political affiliations' propaganda machine.&nbsp; 35000 seems way too high.&nbsp; Maybe a typo? Anyway, thanks for the heads up, and although you won't win me over, I'll double check my facts sometime this week and if they're off I'll change the site.
    <DIV>Peace, love, empathy,</DIV>
    <DIV>"And just what ARE the great achievments of your race that make you proud to be white?&nbsp; Capitalism?&nbsp; Slavery?&nbsp; Genocide?&nbsp; Sitcoms?&nbsp; This is your fu****g white history, my friend!

    Sounds like a competent man, doesn't it?

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    I don't like this guy.He!! i don't like people that drive jap cars either. Fred
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    This guy just about ignored your refutation of his "facts", claimed you said things you didn't, called you racist, and added more lies. I would chalk this up as "Trolling for Dollars".