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Well, I finally got to shoot my kel-tec today. I was pleased with it, I never cleaned or oiled it out of the box, I just took it out and shot it. I put 165 rounds throught it today with 2 malfunctions, both were nose dives caused by the same S&W mag. I used (100)115gr. WWB, (50)147gr. WWB hollow points, and (15)124gr. Hornaday TAP. Both nose dives were with the 147gr. in the Smith 12 round mag, I'm gonna replace the spring in it soon. The trigger pull was a bit long, but easy to adjust to. I wasn't really going for accuracy today, just function and was happy with what I got. I'll take some targets with me next week and see how it prints. If anyone has been looking at one I would suggest you give it a try IF you can deal witht the trigger pull. :gangster:
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