Kid's with piercings

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  1. I am not talking about little girls with pierced ears here. There is a girl at my kids bus stop who is 13 and has a pierced eyebrow. Their son, who is 8, has a pierced ear. I generally do not have a problem with people with facial piercings or boy's with a earing but is it right for parents to let their children have it done that young? Both of the parents have multiple piercings and are very nice people but really do you really want to stereo type your kids before they even get to high school.
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    Too soon for me. My daughters had to wait until they were 15 to pierce their ears. They both have pierced navels now as well, but thats it !! One of my youngest' friends has 3 in each eyebrow, 3 in each ear, and one in her tongue. And thats just her head, LOL !!

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    The human body has enough holes in it. lol
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    why they do it and tattoo's is beyond my comprehension.

    i once saw a video store clerk, absolutly gorgeous, but her face looked like it was hit with shrapnel, dozens of piercings in the face.
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    My wife was mad at me because in the Philippines they pierce little baby girls ears as soon as they are born. I told her our girls will wait until they get old enough to ask to have it done... I guess I'm old school. Pierced ears are ok but no facial piercings while they live under my roof....
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    ive got 3 piercings, an earing in each ear and my left cartilage but i was 18 when i got them done. i agree, what are parents thinking letting their kids get inked up and pierced at such an early age its retarded, i have a 15 year old cousin that got her tongue done not to long ago needless to say i lost a little respect for her father.
    i thank God my parents didnt let me get any ink or piercings until i was an adult, Lord only knows what what retarded crap i wouldve got done at the time thinking it was cool . kids today have no idea how that can mark them for life
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    How would you like your daughter telling you she has a date and hearing the door bell and finding him standing on your porch. If he had those knives in his nose you could probably shoot him and say it was self defense....Good God and some day he may father children of his own.....
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    Aberration knows no limits.
  10. Well to each their own I suppose, they either grow out of that idea of "I'm so edgy look how much I don't conform, exactly like all these other people" or they don't. But to me it wasn't a matter of not looking professional for that job interview, so much as not looking memorable and not having something that will/can be torn out if you get into a fight.
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    Both my daughters got their ears pierced when they were 7 years old. The thinking was that better they do it now then when they are older. That said, some of the piercings that are done now can be traced back to tribes in other countries. Mostly done like war paint or religious decoration. Past that, and in some of the places they get pierced now, I think they just enjoy the pain. =op
  12. I am not trying to bash the parents. I jus personally think it is irresponsible to let children that young have piercings other than in their ears or of a gauge that is larger than a standard earring. I do not have a problem with little girls having earnings. I just think that letting them have that at that age is just going to stereotype them for the rest of their life. My daughter at 14 asked to get her naval pierced and both my wife and I told her she would have to wait until she was 18, however,we did let her get a second hole and some tasteful larger gauge earrings.
    She still wants to get her naval pierced, but now it is to cover up the scar fron her gall bladder surgery.
  13. Are there no legal controls on piercings?
    In Scotland, they have to be at least 16 or have their parent/guardian's permission. Strangely in Scotland one has to be 18 before they can get a tattoo, yet the legal age of consent is 16, ie marriage etc. without parents permission.
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    My neice loves tattoos. Her 14 year old son has a sleave. His whole arm from the shoulder down is tattooed.

    I have zero tattoos and no piercings.
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    There is definitely a reasonable limit to what we might think is enough when it comes to body modifications, but in the end it is the choice of the individual. I love tasteful piercings and tattoos, though I stopped at one in each ear, my wife has just a few more. It's just not my thing to have a few dozen bits of metal hanging about.

    My little girl wanted her ears done very young. She was just two and cried when it happened, but stopped when she looked at mine as I held her. The second one barely caused her to wince. My son will have to wait a bit longer than she did, but there will be a point where I will let them make their own decisions and not let my opinions set limits on their freedoms. It's a wonderful form of expression and freedom, you don't have to like it. Piercings of small gauge also tend to heal eventually if one decides it's not their thing after the fact.

    What if you had to leave all your firearms stock?
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    If I lived under my fathers roof and he said as long as you live here you will leave all of your firearms stock, I would until I was old enough to move out on my own..His house his rules....
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    Keeping your firearms stock and teenagers getting piercings and tats are two totally different things.
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    Well, after placing my foot squarely in my mouth a couple of years ago, I allowed my 15 yr old daughter to get a tattoo about four months ago which most of you had seen already. I told her that "This is where the line is drawn". I told her NO PIERCINGS PERIOD unless it's in her ears. At this time, she doesn't want one. She seems quite happy with the tat. I told her if she punched a hole anywhere else but her ears, I would rip it out and I meant it. The tattoo was borderline as far as I'm concerned, but piercings are definately OUT!
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    I agree with A 10.
    The body has enough holes!

    Glad to say.
    I survived all of my tattoo's & piercings.
    But they were done, with knives & guns.
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    I got my left ear pierced at 10. I thought I was the cats azz out at the motocross tracks when I was racing but up to about 14 I lost interest in it. Every now and then I put an ear ring in but it's not often... mostly just to get rid of that thin film of skin that grows over the hole.