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Kimber Ejection/Feeding problem

Discussion in 'Kimber' started by TACAV, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Feb 21, 2005
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    I have a 3 inch .45 Kimber Ultra Carry II subcompact.

    Ive been starting to get this problem happen frequently and by frequently I mean like once a mag frequently.

    Ill be shooting along happily when suddenly after firing a round, the slide will cycle through and then stop about half an inch short on the return trip so that its partly open.

    The spent casing from the last round fired did not eject and its still 3/4 the way in the barrel. The next round in the magazine is underneath the spent casing in the mag about 1/4 pushed forward out of the magazine. Immediate action drills dont help me here. Racking the slide doesnt help because the spent casing still lodged in the barrel and the new round are trapping each other from moving.

    So in order to correct the problem I have to lock back the slide, push the spent casing fully into the barrel, push the next live round fully back rearward into the magazine so that the primer is against the rear of the magazine, hit my mag release, and then reach in the ejection port and push the magazine down about a centimeter to get it drop out. Then I can dump out the first spent casing...

    Very annoying. Im using one 7 rnd standard Kimber Magazine and two 7 rnd wilson combat 1911 magazines.This problem happens with all three mags. I was shooting UMC brand 185 gain ball ammo which I have never had a problem with. After some testing Im pretty sure the ammo isnt the problem either. There have been 700 rounds fired through this gun.

    A gun savy friend of mine said it might be due to limp wristing it or lack of oil on the bushing or slide. The gun is properly oiled and I keep it very clean and well maintained.

    Anyhoo, as to limp wristing, Im not quite so sure as this seems to be a rather new problem for me, that and the fact that 2 other people which much bigger hands than I shot it as well and experienced the same thing more than a couple times.

    Im actually thinking about selling this gun to a very eager friend and i experienced this problem the other day when I took it out to shoot one last time. I dont want to sell my buddy a defective gun and if something needs to be fixed Im going to have it fixed before selling it.

    What do you all think might be the problem?
  2. jerry

    jerry G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Mar 15, 2002
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    I'm not that good on the hybrid type 1911's, more of a 5" guy myself. That said, Kimber is pretty S... Hot on custoemr service. I'm thinking they would lend an ear at least.

    Just guessing, the extractor may not be performing 100% leaving the spent case in FTE. There could also be some sort of mechanical damage causing the slide not to want to retract. Sounds like you take good care of the weapon, but if I knew it was a guy who didn't do such a good job, I'd try cleaning the chamber well.
  3. riverider

    riverider G&G Newbie

    Jun 25, 2007
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    Try this

    I have a Ultra Carry II mine has the external extractor and I have this same problem sometimes.

    First I would like to say I don't think my problem is because of the external extractor. That said this is what I have tried.

    The Kimber Mag. has been replaced with a Wilsom Combat ox47 I highly recommend using anything except the Kimber supplied Mags.

    I replaced my recoilspring Assy. This something all small bbl. 1911 owners should watch closely and replace as Per. the Kimber Manual. Kimbers Custom Shop will exchange the Assys. for a very low cost.

    Make sure the bbl. chamber is clean and make sure your using a lot of lub after each 50 rounds at the range Kimbers need plenty of lub.

    I shoot a lot of lower cost 230gr. FMJ Ammo. at range like WWB and Blazer so I check my carry Ammo. and see if it has any problems. It's the real important Ammo. you don't want problems with.

    Watch this Todd Jarret Video and notice what he says about holding the 1911.
    [ame=]Todd Jarrett IPSC Pistol Grip Lesson[/ame]
  4. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Feb 21, 2005
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    Hmm Ill have someone look at the recoil spring assembly.

    hmm nice vid, as far as grip I know some guns can be more particular than others with it.

    Ive never ever had a "limp wrist" problem with shooting a .45 Sig 220 or a HK USP compact, just the little 1911 in the past. Thats one of the reasons Im selling it, to get a the HL .45 USP Subcompact, as a carry gun. For whatever reasons I do get the occassional limp wristing issues like brass hitting me in the face etc with my little kimber if I weak hand shoot or something like that. With the USP im more accurate and I get one more bullet in the mags, longer sight radius and I can shoot that thing any which way and regardless of grip and it will still fire.

    I dont blame the 1911 design though I think thats just more me. Id like to try a full size 1911 and see if that makes any difference though.
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