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  1. xSephirothx

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    Hello, I was thinking of purchasing a Kimber pistol chambered in .45ACP and was curious of what you guys thought of the Kimber line. I would like the Kimber Eclipse Custom 2 but that is a little pricey, so I am thinking of going for the Kimber Custom Target 2. I am choosing to go with Kimber simply because the stores near my area are limited to what they have, and in my opinion this looks better than the CZ 75 and CZ 85. Sadly those are pretty much the only two options of handguns they have in stock at the stores where I live, but if I asked they may be able to order me in one specially. I am not sure about that, I have not asked.

    Anyway if you have any comments, or ideas for better handguns in my price range ($1200 CDN or less) I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  2. CAV88

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    i just bought a smith and wesson m and p in 45acp and my next hey andgun purchase us going to be a kimber 1911 or a colt, i just have always likes kimbers and ive never heard a bad thing about them besides they are a bit pricey but if ya can afford it then get it

  3. Midas

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    My personal Kimber Custom II has been an absolute pleasure to own and shoot, it has been very very accurate, and aside from a few feeding issues caused by my crappy (read too short) reloads, as well as a loose ejector (which Kimber fixed) it has been a very reliable pistol, and one that I would trust as a carry or home defense weapon.
  4. woody1981

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    I like my Stainless Gold Match very much. A real pleasure to shoot.
  5. I have two Kimber .45 acp's, both have been great, one for the range and one for protection, carried but not fired in anger.... great guns
  6. Mooseman684

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    I have 2 Kimbers...The Eclipse II and The Epoch II(Limited Edition) and they are both great Guns.
  7. hack1911

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    In my opinion the STI Trojan is the best $1000 gun out there. The STI Spartan runs about $650 and is also a very good gun. You pick up a STI online and have it transferred to your FFL, if they are willing.

    That said a Kimber is a fine choice, that was my first 1911 and I'd never sell mine. Kimbers are pretty tight, well finished, accurate and they always have pretty good triggers. Kimbers tend to hold their value pretty well too, not like a Colt, but not bad. In short, I don't think you can go wrong with a Kimber.
  8. xSephirothx

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    Wow both the STI's and the Springfield's look pretty good, I haven't heard of them because of the poor selection up here. Next time I head into the city I will ask about them and see what they can do for me.

    And to everybody else, Thanks for the input, it definitely helps with my decision.
  9. billt

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    I picked up this Kimber Stainless II several months back, and it's been a good performer. Overall I'm happy with it, and I haven't experienced any issues either functionally, or accuracy wise. Bill T.
  10. Mmmm,

    Kimber is well established as a high quality/high priced product.

    If you have the money to spend it is worth the investment.
  11. jlefevre

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    I have a Kimber Ultra CDP II... Very nice gun... It has pretty much become my carry gun... They come with a strange little device to strip the gun... Much like a paper clip... Used to remove the bushing, springs (there are two), etc... However, not completely necessary to field stripping... (google it, there are some clips on youtube)... All in all, a very nice sidearm... Handles good, accurate... No complaints... I am currently looking at a couple of Nighthawks... A little pricey, (2500-3000+) but I think well worth the cost... Just do a little research (on the web) about Kimbers... I think you'll be well satisifed...
  12. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    My Kimber Super Match II is the most accurate .45 ACP I have ever shot. Kimber makes an Excellent .45 ACP pistol that is well worth the money.
  13. E_005

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    NE Ohio
    I've had a custom II for about 8 yrs. The only thing I've done to it is have night sights put on, and I would never give it up! Great accuracy, functions great. They do have a 400 - 500 rnd. break in period because the tolerances are so tight, but after mine was flawless.

    I have heard some complaints of quality lately on the newer ones, but I don't really believe it. Everyone I know that has one loves it and has no issues.

    I had a guy at a shop yesterday tell me that all of the parts including the barrel are cast and not forged. The tag on mine clearly says that the frame, slide and barrel are all forged, so unless they've changed their manufacturing, it's all b.s.
  14. Gray Wolf

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    My brother has a Kimber, it would not feed reliably with the furnished magazines, I gave him some Wilson mags. It doesn't like reloads, hollow points, or wad cutters, ball ammo only. You are supposed to put 500 rounds of factory ball ammo through it just to break it in. But it is very accurate.
  15. jerry

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    My Custom II has been accurate, reliable, finish has help up and nothing has broken over several years and approx 3000 rounds.

    Some honest opinions on what some cons may be.
    I don't like full length recoil rod guides, I removed it for standard. Some people are freaked out over MIM parts. I don't see a problem there. I'm at ease with the Schwartz safety system, but not a big fan either. Iv'e never had it fail with any grip Iv'e had on the gun. I think if it did fail, I wouldn't have had enough grip on th grip safety to make the gun go boom any how. I don't like series 80 safetys while were on the same subject. The little cut out at the rear of the chamber for loaded indicatior is , well, useless. Some people don't believe in front serrerations. I like it. If I need that grippy area it's there. Mainspring housing is plastic. I threatened to change it but it hasn't caused me any ill feelings.

    My biggest motive for purchasing is that is was a 100% American made gun. I was just in that kind of mood that particular day. I had some money after returing from the war and did what a lot of good GI's do, blew it on toys.
  16. Darkfront

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    Depending on how you use your Kimber, some of the above does factor in. I use my Custom II in defensive shooting training and competition. The plastic mainspring housing cracked, so I had to replace it with steel, the grip bushings were not staked, which created problems during a detail strip and grip panel change. The plunger tube was not staked and will cause problems down the road at higher round counts (8000+). I run my pistol hard, so lots of the the issues I have probably will not be an issue for a casual shooter though. They are still accurate, and the slide to frame fit is good. I generally run Wilson Combat 47D mags or Chip McCormick Power Mags for best reliability. The finish on the Custom II wears down pretty quickly if you're working from your holster a lot. I'll probably have to lay down some coin for a Duracoat or Cerakote.

    Like Jerry, I have not had a problem with the Swartz firing pin safety so far.

    Kimber has excellent customer service though. They do stand behind their product.
  17. TheWall

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    Order it?

    Can the places near you order what you want? I bet you want to see it before you buy right? What are you going to use the gun for? I have several Springfield pistols and have never had a single problem. The Springfield XDM guns are fantastic. If you order one now you get 3 additional magazines. Something to think about.
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