Kimber Moves its Headquarters from Yonkers, New York to Troy, Alabama and They’re Hiring

Discussion in 'Kimber' started by K75RT, Oct 27, 2020.

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    Many other companies have fled NY because of their taxes and political views. I really dont think they care about Kimber leaving. Many think about the taxes they get from these big manufacturers. Apparently their communist leaders dont care. I have a Kimber 3006 rifle that came from the Oregon location years ago. They went bankrupt and sold all assets back then. They are doing good now and looks like a nice place to expand and thrive at in Alabama
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  3. States like NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA and MA are driven by the leftist agenda; Remington offered to make ventilators for the state of NY, Il Duce Cuomo did not even reply to their request...CT once the toolmaking, brass forming and gunmaking center of we have Mossberg, Standard, Colt and a bunch of jobbers that do work for Charter Arms, Savage, S&W and Ruger...they get no tax breaks no incentives...States like Alabama will get a great economic brace from these jobs...and where the jobs left from will get increased taxation...
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    <Giggle> Troy...Top tier engineering schools <snicker>

    There are great engineering within 2.5 hours of Troy, but Troy itself is famous for having the colleges that people go to when they can't get accepted to their backup school. I think the only degree program they have that is even ranked as being good is their business program.
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    For sure. They have that attitude like I dont care and dont let the door hit you in the azz. Like you say, The taxpayers that live there will take up the tab.
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  6. When politicians get to spend YOUR $$ and you have NO SAY, YOU LOSE! Welcome to New England..God help us all..
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    New York
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    I'm glad to see Kimber voting with their feet.
    Seems to be becoming a trend in the firearms manufacturing community.
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