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Kimber Pro-Carry 'HD'

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Does anyone own a Kimber Pro-Carry 'HD'? I think that's what I want to get to replace my Colt Defender as a carry gun. I personally just DO NOT like having an aluminum frame. So I figured this one, with a stainless frame and slide would be a great one for me. I would just like some opinions on it. I'm also curious as to the finish; is it like their Gold Match (matte and polished on the flats) or is it their nickel looking finish all over. TIA Good Shooting! Eric
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I just got priced around $900.00 on a Kimber CDP fullsize. Anyone had any experience with these? I'm looking something ready to go out of the box for carry to serve as a backup to my Kimber Classic Stainless.
I believe that Kimber now calls my Classic Stainless the Custom Stainless 2 or something like that. It needed very little modification to suit my needs. I was just wondering if the CDP fullsize comes ready to go. I do know that it comes with an aluminum frame and Meprolights... as well as 30 lpi checkering. Nice features...

Ok I broke down... please help me!

I broke down and bought the fullsize Custom Kimber CDP 2. $950.00 tax and all. I will have to pick up bottles for the next two months and mortgage the website. :D I like the feel of this 1911. I will add an arched mainspring housing and see how it does. Anyone know about the durability of these aluminum alloy frames? Mine had the black anodizing rubbed off the inside around the ramp, but a gunsmith friend of mine said that it was from magazine friction wear and is common on most anodized aluminum frames. I'm also curious about the longevity of the Kimber MIMed parts. Anyone know? I'll shoot it and give a report.

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