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Kimber Pro-Carry 'HD'

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Does anyone own a Kimber Pro-Carry 'HD'? I think that's what I want to get to replace my Colt Defender as a carry gun. I personally just DO NOT like having an aluminum frame. So I figured this one, with a stainless frame and slide would be a great one for me. I would just like some opinions on it. I'm also curious as to the finish; is it like their Gold Match (matte and polished on the flats) or is it their nickel looking finish all over. TIA Good Shooting! Eric
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My Custom CDP cost $850. But I'm told that ws dealer cost. If so $900 sounds like a good price for NIB.

I sold mine to my brother after 200 rounds. I just didn't like the recoil the aluminum frame allowed. It did shoot nice. I had the trigger done and set at 3.5#. From the factory it was over 5#.

For the money I think they're a good pistol. However I'm spoiled by my Gold Combat. If you get the opportunity to get a GC by all menas get it. My brother and I have them 3 serial numbers apart. They are the sweetest shooters I've ever held. That includes my Wilson CZ-45.

Good luck and good shooting.
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