Kimber Pro Carry Troubles!

Discussion in '1911' started by Iron_Colonel, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Well was I surprised today when I got back from town. Very surprised. I checked function before I left by dry firing, and cocking the pistol and operating the thumb safety before loading up to leave. Everything was great. I carried the gun for a couple hours about the town, and when I returned to unload the gun, I could NOT get the thumb safety to disengage. One of the rivets that holds the plunger tube to the frame has come loose. So the plunger inside the plunger tube was protruding about an 8th of an inch, so I couldn't disengage the safety. I did manage to shove the plunger back in the tube, and disengage the safety to clear the weapon.

    Now I will have to call Kimber, and see what they can do for me. Does anyone have any experience with Kimber's customer service? Or their repairs department? Any idea of time frame for getting it fixed or repaired and returned? Any input is appreciated from Kimber owners, or people with experience in the said matter. Unfortunately, this gun is not under warranty anymore, so hopefully it won't cost a lot to get fixed if I have to pay them, or go local to a gunsmith.
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    A loose plunger tube is actually not all that uncommon in the 1911, especially in high round count guns, and a lot of times in production guns the tube is not staked to the frame very well.

    I would give Kimber a call in the next few days, and see what they will do, while they only mention a "1 year warranty" I have seen instances where they have honored the warranty beyond the 1 year.

    In my experiences their CS is not bad, in fact when I sent my Custom II in earlier this year due to a loose ejector, they sent me a pre-paid UPS shipping label in the mail, and I did not pay a dime for the repairs, they even re-finished my pistol at the factory, it took a little over two weeks to get it back, which is not bad at all. We have also had a handful of customers at the gun shop send theirs in for various repairs, and it was the same story. I know Kimber CS gets a bad reputation on the internet, but as far as I've seen they have been very pleasant to deal with.

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    That's some great info. Thanks for the post. I figure I'm around the thousand round mark in 2 years and 4 months. Certainly haven't got out and done as much shooting with it as I would have liked, but it is one of my favorites to shoot. I really like the Commander style size it has, with the shorter barrel makes it just a bit easier to carry IMO. I'm going to call them tomorrow, and see what can be done.
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    restaking the plunger tube is an easy job. a decent local gunsmith will probably charge less to fix it then it will cost to ship back to the factory.
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    Yea, since it's got to be overnighted both ways, so shipping might get a little expensive. I just got off the phone with Kimber, so worse case if they wouldn't cover it under warranty as he said they determine how they will handle it on a "case by case basis" even though I have owned the pistol for more than 2 years, said it could be around $100 to fix total shipped back. Labor, $30 for the part and so on. I'm going to call a couple local guys and see what they can do too.
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    If you do not have anyone local who can fix it for you, go find a copy of Kuhnhausen's Manual on the 1911, and see if it is a task you would want to tackle, before paying so much to send it to Kimber and back. You may decide you can do it yourself.

    I love my Kimbers, but this is an example of why I quit carrying a model 1911 for CCW years ago.
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    I had a very good experience with Kimber customer service. Cracked a mainspring housing after 1300 rounds, and all they did was ask for a serial number and they sent me a new one.