Kimber Repaired, SA Troubles Too!

Discussion in '1911' started by Iron_Colonel, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Stopped in early on my way to work and brought both pistols. He took me back to his shop and got started straight away. It was a pretty easy fix to re-stake the plunger tube on my Kimber. After he got it apart, the tube just came right off with no effort as both sides of it came loose. It took all of 2 minutes. Of course, since he has worked with 1911s for a long time, it was apart in 10 seconds and then back together just as fast, function tested and good to go. Sweet!

    I also brought my SA 1911 with me, as he said it wouldn't be a problem to work up an extended thumb safety. He did some trigger work on it with some new parts as the GI parts were just too spongy after years of use, so I upgraded with a Cylinder and Slide kit a while back that turned out to be just excellent. In all my excitement at that time, I should have requested the extended thumb safety but forgot to. The extended safety has more surface area to engage with, and makes it easier to engage and disengage (not that the part that was reinstalled to mate with the trigger parts was bad, but extended is easier for me to operate). So he started in on that one, taking everything out. He chuckled after he got the grips off and everything out, the plunger tube on that was loose too! I wish I could have stayed to watch him work on the new thumb safety, but unfortunately I had to be getting on to work. Picked them up in the afternoon. Everything checks out, new safety is excellent!

    I took them to Olympic Arms. They have a line of 1911 pistols, as well as their ARs. I have never shot one of their 1911s or ARs, but their pistolsmith did the work on my SA, and it has been excellence since. I also have a couple other friends that have had work done by him, and they have been satisfied as well. Anyone local in western WA near Nisqually or willing to travel, I can help with directions. PM me if needed.
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    1911's can be a real pain sometimes, glad to hear you got your problems sorted out.

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    I need to get a new plunger tube for my SA. I keep restaking it, and have had three gunsmiths restake it, and it keeps coming out. I figure I'll just start over with a whole new tube. Where can I get one?
  4. In the reading I've done, it seems to be a real common issue.problem. And it seems to more often then not be the rear one that comes loose first/most? Was that the case with yours Iron Colonel?

    How long have you had these/how many rounds would you say you put through it before this started happening? Any idea?

    FS, I forget what website I read it at, and I mean I just read it (had like 10 tabs open on plunger tubes and staking, lol), but at one website/forum, a guy stated, and it made sense, that if it needs restaking odds are it's been that way for a while or at least took some abuse and it would probably be less problematic to just replace it rather then restake it. As it will only come loose again. As you're finding/have found out...
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    Yea Glockmeister, I'm pretty sure that's the case. I just don't know where to get one. Brownells maybe? Also, my rear one keeps coming out.
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    I restaked it 10 times at home, then figured I was doing it wrong, so took it to a gunsmith, two weeks later it's loose again, then another gunsmith as maybe the first one messed it up, same thing happens, then finally a 3rd, and same thing happens. So I'm guessing it's not my work that is the issue. I'm going to get the part and use my tool to stake it. I don't feel like dropping dough for a gunsmith to do something I know how to do lol.
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    its a common problem, but shouldnt be. once one is properly staked it should never loosen, actually you normally have to cut them off the pistol to remove them if they were done right in the first place.
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    Very interesting. The one on my Kimber just came right out with no problem. I haven't shot either one yet, but hopefully there will be no future issues with it. I'd say I put 800-900 rds through my Kimber, since I bought it new. No idea how many have been through my SA 1911. Probably 1500-2000 I have done myself. Before I bought it, also unknown.
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    Make sure that the area inside the frame allows the staking to spread the legs of the tube. Add a little Lock-Tite.Brownells also has a new tube that requires more holes to be drilled, but the number of legs are increased to four.