Kinda made me sit and think about which way we are heading...

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    Got sent this information on Digital Angle...The system lets you track ect..they wera a watch or pager with the chip in it...any way 24 hrs a day 7 days a week this system lets you check on them...basicly gives you their location. Now I got kids so that makes sense...but do I want my wife, boss, goverment knowing were I am all the time????????

    Kinda made me sit and think about which way we are heading...
    This think is just the basic if you fall down it sends an alarm...few years from now..who knows...

    I tried to cut and past most of their sites info...did not work too well so I added the link.

    Alerts are sent by the wearer's monitor to the Digital Angel Operations Center, then to you(1)

    Thanks to the exclusive Digital Angel AlertCall service, you are advised of an alert within minutes by e-mail(2) sent to your:

    • Cell phone if it has an e-mail address

    • Personal computer

    • Text pager

    • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

    In addition to multiple e-mailed alert notifications, a customer care representative will contact you by phone when there is no response to an Emergency or Fall-Down Alert e-mail notification

    Each of the four alerts is normally accompanied by Global Positioning System (GPS) information, which pinpoints an individual's location to within 75 feet.(3)

    For your peace of mind, you can also check the status of someone at any time of day or night, when you:

    1. Call the Digital Angel Automated Hotline, or
    2. Visit the Digital Angel website

    The Digital Angel Personal Safety and Location System includes:

    - Clip-on system monitor
    - ThermAlert Watch
    - Quick Start Guide
    - Wall charger
    - Auto charger

    Then, simply activate the Digital Angel AlertCall Service by calling Digital Angel or using your computer to subscribe online. Subscription is required in order to receive alerts.

    For those with diminished cognitive skills forced to remain at home, the Digital Angel monitor will signal a WanderAlert if pre-set boundaries – provided in your subscriber profile – have been compromised. GPS data specifying the wearer's current location – within 75 feet – is received at the Operations Center at the same time so that their location can be given. The contact person designated in your subscriber profile can learn of the alert so the wearer can be protected from dangers beyond the individually pre-set safety zone.

    Fall-Down Alert
    This alert is transmitted automatically to the Digital Angel Operations Center and the normal alert procedure is followed. The contact person designated in your subscriber profile can find out about the fall and learn the location – within 75 feet – when they log on to the Digital Angel website. Help can then be on its way quickly.
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    good for lost kids

    I have toddlers. I f I put this on them Id get 20 calls an hour because one son likes to climb and jump. I dont see how this would work in a kidnapping bc the kidnapper could remove the device.

  3. Shaun

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    didn't you hear last month or the month before about doing the same thing with an implant under the skin -- now I agree its good for someone you may have to care for who can't care for themselves but what about the issue of it being implanted at birth and never coming out that brings back things from Orwells 1984
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    I also have heard about the implant idea being reality. In one sense you think it would be great if some sicko snatched one of your kids so you know exactly where they are, in the other sense it does seem like Orwell. There is also the issue of those with Alzhiemers who wander off and get lost, diabetics, etc.

    People already pay money to have monitoring systems in their vehicles in case they get stolen the company can tell the police exactly where the car is, and can even deactivate it. I would say your loved ones are worth far more than your vehicle.
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    I personally don't do that the my vehicles the security system I have is simple - I don't drive anything fancy but I also don't leave anything worth stealing in the truck either -- I agree your loved ones are worth the extra but I also have issues with privacy and thats more important
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    I can agree with you about privacy being important, however to me it is not more important than my kids. I not saying I would even want to implant one in them, but when you see stories like that little girl in Calif. where the neighbor snatched her, raped and killed her, you think wouldn't it have been great to have the police pop in on the guy before he did anything, because they knew how to find her. This technology is popular not because the government wants it, but because there are enough sick people to create a market for it.
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    My concern is that the being tested on people....would track were we are..what we are pulse rate.. if it becomes like a debit card..but inplanted chip then to purchase something..swipe your hand were the chip is. It could become our Identafacation. Then we would be under the most watchfull eye of the govt or big bussiness. The technology is in place or close enough to being a just got my attention...I mean why register guns when you can register and track the whole person....Yes if one of my kids got snached then I would love to be able to locate them right then and there...but the other side of the coin has its dark side as well.
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    I see no problem with an external voluntary tracking device used be friends and family. But no one has the right to force it on anyone, especially impant it.
    We can debate mark-of-the-beast issues till we're out of breath, but the bottom line is that it's against my religious convictions to have one stuck into me, and if anyone says I no longer have religious freedom, I have a variety of 30 caliber responses for them. If it costs me my life, good. I'd rather die fighting for it.