Kiss Hi-Point carbines bye bye!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point' started by PAPA G, May 10, 2018.

  1. reverendg

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    Bolt action “sniper rifles” will be next. And revolvers, since they have no safety switch.
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  2. Get Out

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    IMOA it won't end with just these, they'll try to expand on the list the next go around.
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  3. HiPoint has finally made the BigTime! Im way past needing another self defense firearm, but it looks like something worth looking at as a USA-made lower-end defensive weapon..
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  4. Txhillbilly

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    Everytime I hear a politician or media person say Assault Weapon,I want to take one of the old tupperware stocks I have setting out in my shop and go show them what the term Assault Weapon really means as I beat them to death with it.

    They really need to read the definition of the word Assault in a dictionary. No where does the term gun / firearm appear in the definition. Only that someone has to threaten or use a "weapon" for it to be an assault on someone.

    My firearm's have never assaulted anyone,but if the politician's keep pushing,that's subject to change!
  5. Supposedly Hitler himself coined the term "assault rifle" (Sturmgewehr) when examining the STG 44... funny how libs like the term so much they apply it to rifles that do not qualify...
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  6. Big Dog

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    Need to beat into the lib's heads that "assault" is a verb, not a noun. It's what they are doing to the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
  7. Jim Bridger

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    They tried to Ban BB guns and toy firearms. They did succeed in painting toys orange?:rolleyes:
    This trail of smelly BS has failed. We have more civilian handguns and long arms than any time in our history. :usa2:
  8. PaleHawkDown

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    I've been meaning to ask any other gun store owners/workers/frequenters here if they have noticed a lot more guys in their 20s and younger who call any scoped rifle a "sniper rifle"?

    I've noticed that more and more lately from pretty much any young man who isn't a hunter or real gun buff.
  9. OneShotKill

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    Many years ago I was in a military training seminar on counter terrorism. The guest speaker was a Captain in the British military and his experience was in fighting the IRA. He put up a picture on the screen of Remington 700 in 308. And he said, this is the favorite weapon of terrorists and should never allowed in civilian hands. When the question period came up, I asked him if he had ever been deer hunting, well, no but no one would ever need such a weapon with a high power scope like that for hunting (3 x9 x 40). The audience was American soldiers, sailors and marines, air force and federal agencies with terrorism related jobs, mostly special ops guys.

    Then he said America should ban them. As you can imagine, we nearly laughed him out of the room. To a sniper, just about any gun will work, just got to adjust to the range limitations.
  10. PaleHawkDown

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    As much as Europeans (and people from mostly-urban areas in America) like to claim Americans are ignorant of geography, they sure have a hard time understanding that there are people in this country with homesteads bigger than eight different countries in Europe (and as big or bigger than any two of the smallest eight combined).

    We have numerous forests, deserts and plains larger than several other European countries and most of the Asian countries.

    Even if we did away with the idea of 2A and were just making a logical argument in the hunting/sports/farming realm, the answer is pretty simple. Why does one need a scope like that? Cause a racoon got into the trash and some people don't want to have to fire up the truck to address the issue. Or a predator is after your cattle and a bullet travels a lot faster than you do. You might just be hunting in the plains where a "close" shot is in the 300 meter range.

    We have a 72 acre farm. In parts of Europe we would have to be some sort of archduke to have that. We have a cousin in Illinois with a 10,000 acre farm. That is bigger than at least three of Europe's countries and most island nations.

    There is a dude in Montana with something like 720,000 acres of property. He could fit Lichtenstein AND Malta AND Vatican City in between one of his cattle gates and his house.
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  11. I can see where the Brits would fear the scoped Remington 700 with good cause. However the preferred rifle of the provos by their own admission was the Armalite AR-180...
    Maybe the Brits should take a hint and gtfo of Ulster before the next round of warfare starts up.. As Ronald Reagan put it, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"...
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  12. OneShotKill

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    For non-hunters they seem to have no clue. They picture a deer standing still, broadside and no wind in daylight. As often as not, there will be trees and other obstacles, the deer will be moving and you are just waiting for it to give you that opening between brush and trees and hopefully the deer will pause giving you the shot. I have killed them open sights with rifle and shotgun and pistol, but at any range the proper scope lets the hunter precisely move that bullet through limbs and brush and into a kill area.

    The scope is also a safety measure, because it blows up everything in the field of view and the magnification lets you see if it is the one you want or if there is something beyond the deer you do not want to shoot. I pass up younger bucks, but racks can be hard to judge when they get beyond 200 yards or so. Scopes also extend your range dramatically when you may only have 2-3 days to hunt. I killed a prong horn once at 563 yards, things looked right and I took the shot. I killed a white tail on a one day special hunt once at 460 yards, with the scope at 9 power I would have never tried shots like that without a scope. You can tell they are bucks at that range but that is about all. Today long range shooters safely take longer shots, but magnification is necessary. Any cheap scope at 9 or 10X will let you make a 400 yard shot you could never make without one.

    Just saying, folks who hunt know about it, others have no clue.
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  13. reverendg

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    In keeping with that definition, I do have one rifle that qualifies. It is a Mauser in 8mm. Of course the person assaulting others with it died during his activities, and was relieved of his rifle. A friend’s dad brought it home from war, and now it is mine.
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