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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Paul I, May 11, 2002.

  1. Paul I

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    If you put a kit togather it is ok to have a bayo lug on the barrel. Or are allready taken off? I'm waiting a kit and have orded 2 imbell recievers.

    Paul I
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    Most of these kits are full autos disasembled. I'm not sure weather the recievers for these come in pre and post ban like the AR if they do, It is against ATF regulations to install any pre ban parts on a post ban reciever.
    You may also need to order semi auto parts for these depending on the kit. Some kits come with the full auto parts while it is leagle to own them and sell them but if fully asembled now require a class III license.
    sorry this doesn't really answer your question.

  3. MikeC

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    Paul, I believe that if you have a pistol grip and/or a removable mag you can not have a bayo lug. Most people grind/machine the lug off. Don't forget that you also have to get rid of the flash suppressor.
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    Parts can be made and bought and everything, but assembling restricted features is still against the law. You have to make sure the finished product conforms to the law. So if your FAL has a pistol grip, the barrel must be unthreaded and the bayo lug must be gone. Also, be mindful of the laws regarding foreign and US parts. If you need to know these laws, someone equally knowledgeable can reply, I've spent hours before typing up everything I know for a thousand different people.
    Maybe I'll get a website some day and just post a link.
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    where to find the answers....

    Go to and check out the forums and search features. ALL question about building are answered there. Enjoy!:assult:
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    I think I figuered it out the lug is part of the flash hider so it not like AR15
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    Paul, If you are building an L1A1, then plan on keeping the flash hider as a paper weight. You cannot use it on a finished rifle. Replace it with one from Tapco, DSA, etc... Also if you keep the threaded muzzle, then you either have to solder or blind pin the new brake on. Or, you could do as I did and cut and crown the barrel. You also need to make sure you have your 7 pieces (6 without threaded muzzle) US parts count to be legal. Usually, the hammer, trigger, sear, butt stock pistol grip, gas rod, fore arm, cocking handle, and the reciever are the pieces focused on. Combine 7 (6) and you are good to go.

    All the work mentioned can be done by you with hand tools. Go to the falfiles and for assembly. Good luck! You can do it if I did!:nod:
  8. The '94 AW Ban says you cannot have certain evil features. BATF sees some of these as the following:

    - You may not have a "flash hider"
    - the barrel may not have threads on the muzzle that are easily exposed
    - You may not have a grenade laucher (for use with those evil rifle grenade available in the hardware section of your corner grocery store). What this really means is that you cannot have a muzzle device between 20-22 mm in diameter.
    - You may not have a bayonet lug.

    There are others as well, but note: these only apply to autoloaders with detachable magazines. No detachable magazine, no problem with any o fteh "evil" devices.