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  1. So let's put this out there...
    What's your guys idea of a perfect survival knife?
    No granted we are not talking about some urban hogwash. We're talking of bushcraft. Not tactical junk, (although if you think a tactical knife is good say so)
    I"m just wanting to get your ideas on this.
    Folders, or fixed, Stainless, high carbon, and the list can go on and on.
    Let's hear what you have to say?
  2. 9mmXDm

    9mmXDm Suspended

    - One that is strong and sturdy.

    - One that has a no slip grip.

    - One that can cut, trim, shave, slice, dice, hack, saw

    And honestly right now my KA-BAR can do all that to an extent.

  3. grizcty

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    The Ka Bar is the workhorse survival knife for me.

    Second place.
    The fixed blade Buck knife, with black handle & sheath.
    As it is a far better skinner, then a Ka Bar.
  4. neophyte

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    andrew cochran: Sir; for a number of years; I collected the 'junk'. I have an assortment. :)
    After awhile; you'll start coming to conclusions. Some not so good {conclusions}; This tool will accomplish this and weighs 2 ounces, this tool will only accomplish ''this'' and weighs in at a pound. hmmm
    The cost? is relativity unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I have a half dozen of $10-$35 knives that will go anytime I go. The more expensive ones; haha; I don't want to beat on.
    Knives are like firearms in many ways; ''compromises''; stainless doesn't rust as quickly as carbon; carbon will come to a good edge quickly and sharper. Then the different heat treatments for hardness; the list goes on.
    I learned from here; much; I learned from asking knife makers; {cannot remember his name at the moment; will edit back a wonderful knowledgeable knife maker with a very strong opinion, member to this forum}

    Having a knife for all activities; ''it'' aint going to happen;
    Having a knife that you can beat on; pry with; then dig a splinter out! hmmm

    In your pack, on your side; in your dreams; it needs to be able to function at many levels. Tightening the screw in my glasses, digging out the ingrown toe-nail caused by feet staying wet too long; skinning the ''rat'' for over an open fire.
    Realistically; 3-5 knive to carry at all levels
    Something like the Ka-Bar, Gerber LMF, or of this style; you can beat, flog, gouge; and so on; They are heavy
    Something like the ''Mora" in carbon; very light weight; priced right; will come to and hold a strong edge; ''did'' I say light, and sharp
    Something like the ''Leatherman Tool"; combination
    Something like the ''Swiss Army'' knife tool combination

    Now that I have some ''Mora" {arkansaw hunter; turned me on to} Researching these in the out-back forum, shtf forums; camping forums; knife forums; they have a place in my activities; pack; or walk about pack. The 'Mora' is too; available in stainless; at two levels; One is the ''flex''; my favorite in stainless; and then the Stainless:)

    A lot should go into thinking about the ''knife'' needs; or anything that becomes a tool in life. These happen to be some of my thoughts:)

    Read ''Romey's" thoughts; from the knife forum. Lot to be learned through this gentleman:) {sorry I forgot your name sir}
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  5. cheapsandwich

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    I like my recon scout, Its kinda a modified bowie. though I've heard alot of good about the sog seal.
    Things to look for regard less of who makes it, Full tang, good steal. carbon is easier to sharpen,but stainless holds a better edge. 5-7 inch blade is about the norm. big enough to baton saplings,small enough for fine work.
  6. OneBigBullet

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    I would go with a fixed blade full tang so it doesnt brake easly.
    I use stanless steel... if anyone thinks diffrent I dont know but if i wear i would go with that.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    After many years of carrying a knife out and about, I have boxes full of knives that worked OK, but fell to the wayside in search of "the" knife. I have decided that I need a small folder accompanied by a full-tang survival knife. I am going back through all my folders to select one, and have decided I will try the Fallkniven A-1 for the big stuff.

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  8. BarryHalls

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    Blade will be 9.5 inches of cutting surface and 5 inches of gripping surface, for a total length (hilt and pommel were not counted) for 15.3 inches. Seems a little big, but you all know that half the time (given one blade) you'll wish it was a machete, the other half of the time you'll wish it was a pocket knife. This is the middle ground, short enough to draw easily, carve wood, render game, but long enough to chop wood and brush.

    Grip will be kydex wrapped in paracord, two useful survival items and very very long lasting/easily replaceable grip.
    It will also have a kydex sheath, which should place the handle below the belt, and it will have a tie at the bottom, to secure the sheath to the thigh.

    The features are self explanatory but include: gut/zipper hook, saw back, rear blade grip (for drawing the blade and pounding with a log), pry bar, wire breaker, blood groove, and the perfect curve for skinning game and chopping wood.

    The tip will be very thick and strong. The double edge will reduce resistance in when stabbing, but should be stronger than a person will be able to break by stabbing. The hilt and pommel will be more than sufficient to keep your hand inside the appropriate area but not too much, to keep you from using a reverse grip when sawing. I may harden the thumb rest so that the checkered area may be used to file down fish hooks from wire.

    The holes on either side will make it easy to attach the blade to a long pole for getting down fruit, nuts, limbs, or for use as a hunting speer. The paracord wrap will be looped through the rear hole, leaving a tether hanging.

    The blade will either be differentially hardened ( hardening the cutting surface while leaving the rest soft and flexible), laminated (creating a very hard core wrapped in a softer stainless steel which protects the core from corrosion and wears away more quickly leaving a 'forever sharp' peak in the middle of the edge), hard chromed (same principle as lamination, only the outer edge is the harder of the layers), or some combination.

    Right now I'm leaning most towards differentially hardened with a hard chrome plating.

    That should give me a VERY long lasting edge, with the strongest blade possible. Besides, it's more fool proof than laminating.

    I've pretty well sold myself on this design. If I can only have ONE BLADE ever, this is it. If I can only have TWO, give me two of these.

    Naturally, if I get this into limited production, it will be customized to order to some degree.
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  9. oldjarhead

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    Ka-Bar is my first choice, Buck is second, which is good for nearly everything. A good 3" double/triple blade Old Timer or other Schrade pocket knife for meanial tasks, and a good 4" Old Timer or other Schrade hunter/skinner for cleaning game and cooking.
    All are well made, easily carried, and all have specific missions.
    I have yet to find a one-knife-fits-all and doubt that I ever will.
    Balance and usefulness are most important...of course, it has to be well made of good materials.
    There's many large, bulky, intimidating, useless knives on the market...I used to own some...cleaned out my closet though...needed the space.
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  10. BarryHalls

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    Actually, I couldn't agree more. I have lots of knives. I even keep multiple knives in the car. They are good for different things. As 'cool' as my big bowies are. . . as much as I WANT to use them for something. . . they are totally useless. I'd rather have something else for EVERY task.

    The best solution is multiple blades..

    Even when I back pack I carry 3-5 different blades. . . That stuff gets heavy after 15 miles.This is why I was so driven to design one to replace them all. In a true survival situation those extra calories could be life or death. I know my blade seems like too much, but it's the most useful SINGLE BLADE I can envision.
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  11. SilverRun

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    K-Bar does make some good fixed blade knives. I have one of their squared off Machetes that works pretty good. For folders, I tend to go with Benchmade (which is about all I have on an average outing). For an all around good knife - I would have to pick the Ontario TAC or Rat 3 - very nice knifes. Will do just about anything you would want a knife to do...
  12. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, Barry...but can ya filet with it?
    H*ll, I can't filet anyway so it won't make much difference.
    The parachute wound handle makes sense.
    How'd ya use it as a fish hook?

    Just teasing.
  13. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    It's actually not difficult to make fish hooks out of wood or bone, and the paracord is good, when unraveled, as fishing line.

    I can't fillet with anything thicker than my hair, lol.
  14. Cyrano

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    New York
    Try not to laugh too hard, guys, but the survival knife that lives in my personal emergency kit (no, it's not the only knife in the kit, but it is the one with the most utility) is a modified Model 1896 Swedish bayonet. I chose it for the hollow checkered steel tube handle, to come up with a poor man's version of Jimmy Lile's 'Rambo I' knife. The retaining clip that locked the bayonet to the rifle was removed. A 3/4" bolt was cut down and the inside of the tube was threaded for about 3/4s of an inch, thus transforming it into a storage space. There is a very basic survival kit tacked away in the handle: split shot, fish hooks, glover's needles, sewing needles, monofilament thread, monofilament fishing line, a cut down magnesium fire-starter and a diamond-impregnated sharpening rod. The spot where the retaining clip used to be has a split ring through it and a lanyard attached to it. The bayonet sheath is laced into a medieval-style dagger frog that slips onto my belt or onto my pistol belt.

    It might not be pretty, but the bayonet blade is Swedish surgical steel from a century ago, better than anything being produced today for commercial survival knives. I'll have to see about posting a couple of photos of it when I unpack an repack by bag to check and see that all the food and meds are in date.
  15. luvmyRugers

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    The Pilot's survival knife by Ontario Knife has served me well for a while. It isn't the only knife in the arsenal but serves many purposes. It's relatively cheap compared to some of the others. I think I paid $49 at a Mil Surp store. It comes with cords to tie it down and a sharpening stone in a separate pouch. You can beat the crap out of it without breaking it!

    Just my .02
  16. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    The hexagon pummel can be used as a hammer as well. Good item! Actually I never gave that a thought since I used the KaBar but you make a good point.
  17. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    As stock survival knives go, they are in the top 5.

    Love them.

    They would actually be an excellent companion to my knife :)

    I suppose I should think about that eh?
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  18. If the Ka-Bar is good enough for a U.S. soldier, it's good enough for me!
  19. Mine is the Glock Survival Knife with root saw. 30.00 Back up is a Moore Maker Hunter. 64.00
    Then there's the two Gerber Gators, and Swiss Army Knives. The Kukuri is my axe.
  20. rascaldog

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    I have a Sog Seal that I bought at the local flea market for 15.00. I think it is a pretty good all around knife. Also a Kabar and Camillus pilots knife that are good too...wait i have a Buck................ah crap I like em all.