Knife making for a beginner

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    I've become interested in knife making. Because I enjoy knives, and I also like to make what I use. So I was just wondering if anyone knew anyways to make knifes for people totally new to it (and not spend too much money). I wouldn't be able to forge my own blades or anything at this point, but I'd like to start making knives. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    There are several ways to make knives with just hand tools an if one is diligent they can come out pretty nice. They can be as nice as you want them. You can choose to make pointy scrap metal or somthing of some quality, that choice is up to you. It literally takes YEARS to make anything of quality and takes a crap load of reading learning and dedication to do so.
    I could sit and tell you word for word how to make a knife but it wouldnt make a ounce of differance. Your best option is to go to a ABS school ,2 week course is 650$ and you come out with one or two finished knives BUT you learn alot. Or find a maker local that is willing to teach you, let you use his tools ect but thats tough to do becuse a most makers dont have the time or inclination to have someone messing with the tools its taken him so long to gather.
    When i started I made roughly 20 blades before I had one worth fitting a handle to, 20 by HAND, so I had roughly a year or so to make those 20. Had I just went out and bought the tools i needed to make then correctly it would cost about $5000 but it woulda taken years of my learning curve and thats WITH having Masterbladesmiths teaching me.
    I guess what Im saying is there is no such thing as making them cheaply becuase time and tools will reflect the product. You can buy finished blades and materials kit but thats not much more then becoming a gluer though possibly somthing you might enjoy and decent way to get into it without needing alot more then a good drill press,clamps and alot of sanding paper.
    One thing id STRONGLY advise against is not to sell kit knives as custom or hand made. The custom knife community isnt all that big and its a fast way to have ones name be MUD. If you want further help message me ill continue this off line
    Hope this helps
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  3. Buy a copy of Wayne Goddard's "$50 Knife Shop". Lotta good info on home built tools and it will get you started on the cheap.
    If you find you like making knife shaped things, you'll find a way to do it :) bruce /birdog