Know a good powder?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jjwil, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. jjwil

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    I'm having a little (maybe a lot) trouble getting my Dillon 550 to throw a consistant measure of Vit. N560 (small, short extruded) powder. I get .5-.7 differences. I think ball-shaped would be better. Any suggestions for loading 7mm. Mag
  2. Jack O

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    In my expirence some powders just don't meter well In a powder drop. If your demand isn't high for 7 mags I would ditch the powder drop and weigh the charges. It would be a must for me if the load shot well. Just my 2 cents

  3. jerry

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    7mm rem mag? try applicable winchester product for example, 760 "ball" powders meter nicely in typical situations.
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    I've been using a 550 for years. One thing you'll find is that .5 to .7 isn't too bad if you're loading that 7mm progressively. Up to .223 I can reload progressively and keep powder charged withing +/- .3. Handguns are usually +/- .1. When you get to .308 you'll be lucky to stay within +/- .5 if you try to size while you're dropping chrages. My suggestions would be to size and deprime all your cases in advance, then run them through progrssively from there. I'll bet you find the measure dropping much more uniform charges. It also will still be faster then going single stage with it.

    I also agree with the suggestion to try Winchester powders. At this point I can do ALL my reloading (handgun and rifle) with two Winchester powders. I used to use some Accurate powder in my rifle stuff ages ago, but that stuff is pretty scarce in my area these days.