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Hi everyone, I have a buddy who asked me to post a search for knowledge of the Remington model 512 sportmaster.

Can anyone comment on

1) the quality.
2) the accuracy.
3) the production years. (around the 50's and 60's??)
4) potential value.

He has had the gun forever and learned to shoot with it as a kid. Knowing I was on this forum, he was hoping to get some feedback on this particular gun. Any knowledge would be great. Thanks in advance!!

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An excellent mass-market sporter. Mine has a bent barrel - and is still a tight shooter! I scoped it, and can compensate for the bend. Decent trigger, reliable tube magazine.
There is a code stamped on the barrel (left rear usually, just in front of the receiver) that tells the month and year of manufacture.

Remington Date of Manufacture Codes:
Remington Dates of Manufacture

Most parts for the Remington "Fiveteen" series rifles are available from Numrich (
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